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Stat Attack

NI Blogs Admin | 10:39 UK time, Monday, 8 February 2010

We met up with the time keeping gurus of the NW200, Richard Agnew and Walter Marks, to talk about how we could improve on the live lap times provided last year on the site.

It may look straight forward on our web page, as the rider information flickers and changes as the bikes cross over the transponder beacons, but to get the info off the official time keepers database, re-configure the data for the web and then get it past the beeb's firewalls and finally reversion the info so it fits neatly into our web templates, is no mean feat.

Many hours of head scratching, hobnob dunking and email ping-ponging between the beeb's finest minds and the timing boys - most of which goes over my head - was needed to get the live lap times working for race day 2009.

Richard, Chief Timekeeper for the NW200 and beyond, has put together a web site for all manner of road racing stats on behalf of MCUI (Ulster Centre) Timing Team.

It has all the results for qualifying and race day at the NW200 (and the rest of the Irish racing calendar) including grid line-ups, speed traps and inside leg measurements of all the riders.

Ok that last one was made up, but it really is worth a look. It also has information about how the bike transponders are used.

Take a look at the site.


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