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  1. Producer

    Sunday’s Now Playing is a celebration of RIOT GRRRLZ! And Tom Robinson needs YOU to compile a playlist full of female music icons.

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  2. Producer

    HEY! You've got to hide your love away! And other acoustic Beatles songs you might like. Tom Robinson needs your help, dear listener, to create the ultimate acoustic guitar-inspired playlist.

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  3. Producer

    #BelleAndSeb6Music – Be a part of a Belle and Sebastian tweet-in and help pick the playlist

    This week (Sunday, 11 January 6-8pm) Now Playing celebrates the return of Belle and Sebastian and hands them control of BBC 6 Music for two hours to play the music they love - with help from you, of course!

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  4. Producer

    #6Music2014 – Help compile the ultimate 2014 playlist

    A fine vintage, 2014 has given us an embarrassment of new music riches, era-defining gig moments, break ups and comebacks. This Sunday (28 December) Jon Hillcock, sitting in for Tom Robinson, wants your choices for the definitive 2014 playlist.

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  5. Producer

    #AltChristmas6Music – Help us to compile the ultimate alternative Christmas playlist

    Its Chriiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaas! And that's the last time you'll see us referencing Slade. This Sunday (21 December) Tom Robinson wants your choices for the ultimate alternative Christmas playlist.

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  6. Content Producer

    #Albums6Music – What must be on our ultimate 2014 albums playlist?

    In association with 6 Music's presenter and staff choices for the top 15 albums of the year, Tom Robinson invites YOU to help create the ultimate 2014 albums playlist.

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  7. Content Producer

    #Pumpkins6Music – What must be on our ultimate Smashing Pumpkins inspired playlist?

    Following Friday's very special 6 Music Maida Vale gig, and ahead of new album ‘Monuments to an Elegy’, Tom Robinson invites you to help create the ultimate Pumpkins-inspired playlist.

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  8. Radio producer

    With Neil Young's latest album creating a buzz after it was streamed online this week, this Sunday (2 November, 6-8pm), we want your help creating the ultimate Neil Young inspired playlist...

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  9. Radio producer

    With news this week that Lorde, Arcade Fire and Foals are all involved in separate soundtrack projects, this Sunday (26 October, 6-8pm) we want your help creating a playlist featuring the best alternative music from the big screen.

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  10. Radio producer

    This Sunday (19 October, 6-8pm) we want your help creating an unmissable playlist of the best alternative cover songs.  

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