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  1. Producer

    #AltChristmas6Music – Help us to compile the ultimate alternative Christmas playlist

    Its Chriiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaaas! And that's the last time you'll see us referencing Slade. This Sunday (21 December) Tom Robinson wants your choices for the ultimate alternative Christmas playlist.

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  2. Content Producer

    #Albums6Music – What must be on our ultimate 2014 albums playlist?

    In association with 6 Music's presenter and staff choices for the top 15 albums of the year, Tom Robinson invites YOU to help create the ultimate 2014 albums playlist.

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  3. Content Producer

    #Pumpkins6Music – What must be on our ultimate Smashing Pumpkins inspired playlist?

    Following Friday's very special 6 Music Maida Vale gig, and ahead of new album ‘Monuments to an Elegy’, Tom Robinson invites you to help create the ultimate Pumpkins-inspired playlist.

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  4. Content Producer

    With the legendary Warp Records hosting a series of 25th anniversary gigs this week, we thought we’d join in the celebrations at Now Playing towers by dedicating a playlist to this pioneering label (Sunday 21 September, 6-8pm).

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  5. Radio producer

    Turntable legend Grandmaster Flash is our latest Tweet In guest as he curates a unique playlist selected from the tracks you suggest live during the show (Sunday 17 August, 6-8pm).

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  6. Content Producer

    Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Glastonbury. Anyone would think there was something happening there this weekend.

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  7. Radio producer

    The Klaxons' James Righton takes control of the show via Twitter and needs YOUR help to compile an unmissable playlist.

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