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Daft Funk - Now Playing to celebrate Nile Rodgers tomorrow!

Producer Will Producer Will | 16:57 UK time, Thursday, 9 February 2012


Have you ever thought what would happen if two electronic super powers joined in a single studio. Say for example someone who largely produced the eighties as a decade, and another duo who dominated the noughties.

Well guess what – it’s happening. Nile Rodgers of Chic and Daft Punk have been in the studio and he’s Tweeted that an album is coming.

What better opportunity then to celebrate the wonderful work and influence Nile Rodgers has had on music from the first incarnation of Chic in 1970, his production work with David Bowie, Diana Ross and Grace Jones right through to his gigs at the tail end of 2011.

Take your pick from things like:
* Chic classics – Le Freak, Good Times and Everybody Dance
* Tracks which have sampled Rodgers’ productions – Sugarhill Gang, Fenech-Soler, Queen and Grandmaster Flash
* Surely Daft Punk need a mention
* They claim the material will be on their favourite R&B – what might they draw on?
* Or other kings of electronic music from the past 40 years – Brian Eno, Chemical Brothers, The Human League or have you still not had enough Kraftwerk?

Let us know what you want to play and why. Tell us your stories and what Nile Rodgers means to you.

To do this, leave a comment on our Facebook page, Tweet us using #Rodgers6Music, drag a track onto our Spotify playlist, e-mail or any other way you think you can get a message to us in time for the show tomorrow. 



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