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Choose the Ultimate Jack White Playlist

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Producer Will Producer Will | 17:58 UK time, Monday, 9 January 2012

The White Stripes


Is Jack White the closest modern rock ‘n’ roll has to a renaissance man? If he’s not releasing music with one of his myriad of different groups, it seems he’s putting out 7"s by the likes of Laura Marling and Smoke Faries on his very own record label, or twiddling knobs for legends like Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson

Meanwhile he still finds time to lends his bluesy howl to records by Danger Mouse and Alicia Keys, appear in movies AND be a dapper-dressed man about town.

Just how does he do it?

As 6 Music premiers a brand new documentary Red White And Black: The Jack White Story this Sunday, Now Playing thought what better way to get you in the mood than to put together a Jack White themed show?

On Friday (Jan 13) from 7pm we’ll be playing out 60 minutes of Jack White related musical nuggets - but we need you to choose them. Between now and Friday we want you to suggest your ultimate Jack White related tracks for 6 Music to play. It could be:
*Music which has influenced his sound, from fellow Detroit residents The Stooges and MC5 to blues legends Son House, ‘Blind’ Willie McTell and Ronnie Wood for starters.
*Music from his many bands; The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, plus their associated B-sides and rarities.
*Collaborators and conspirators from Loretta Lynn to Brendan Benson, via Beck, Michel Gondry, Karen Elson, Alison Mosshart and many more.
*Any of the artists on his record label Third Man Recordings.
*Contemporaries and bands influenced by him - from The Strokes to The Black Keys, via The Hives, Howler and Cage The Elephant for starters.

You can get touch via Facebook, e-mail, Twitter (using the hashtag #JWhite6music) drag a track to our shared Spotify playlist or leave a comment on the blog below. Of course we also want to know your reasons why alongside your stories and experiences of the man himself.

Friday 13th is unlucky for some...but definitely not if you’re a Jack White fan or a 6 Music listener.


  • Comment number 1.

    Definitely 'Grinnin' in your face' - Son House. He has said several times that that is his favourite song of all time

    'She's Like Heroin To Me' and/or 'Sex Beat' - The Gun Club. He said "Why aren't these songs taught in schools" and the Gun Club are a major influence on Jack

    'Froggy Went A-Courtin' - The Flat Duo Jets. He played it on 'It Might Get Loud' saying how incredible it was. Jack has also often stated how the front man Dexter Romweber is a huge influence on him.

    'Sugar & Spice' - Soledad Brothers. He produced this album and lived with the band for a while.

    'China Pig' - Captain Beefheart. Covered on White Stripes Captain Beefheart tribute single.

    'I Wanna Be Your Dog' - The Stooges. Very influenced by them and a fellow detroit band. Has also covered it live.

    'Outlaw Blues' - Bob Dylan. Covered on Under Blackpool Lights. Jack White said "I have three fathers, my biological father, God and Bob Dylan"

    'Cold Brains' - Beck. Covered frequently by him, and he and Beck have collaborated.

    'Your Southern Can is Mine' - Blind Willie McTell. The second White Stripes album is dedicated to him and this track features on it.

  • Comment number 2.

    HAND SPRINGS! that is all

  • Comment number 3.

    I agree with whole list by Mr will_otoole. Also, I'd like to add some songs. Here they are:

    Bob Dylan "Masters Of War" - Jack recorded that song with his friend, when he was about 15

    Bob Dylan "One More Cup Of Coffee" - Jack covered it with The White Stripes on their first studio album.

    Bob Dylan "Isis" - I heared The White Stripes performed that song several times, somewhen about 2002

    Bob Dylan "Love Sick" - The White Stripes covered that song in Sydney. I think it's in 2003

    The Clovers - "Love Potion # 9" - The White Stripes performed it on their first public show.

    The Rolling Stones - "Loving Cup" - Jack performed that song with The Rolling Stones on their documentary "Shine A Light"

    Love - "Signed D.C." - The White Stripes recorded it on their single.

    Love - "My Little Red Book" - The White Stripes covered that song live.

    Dusty Springfield - "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" - The White Stripes covered it on their fourth studio album Elephant.

    Robert Johnson - "Stop Breaking Down" - The White Stripes covered it on their first studio album.

    Son House "John The Revelator" - The White Stripes played it live with the song "Cannon". Also, it's a part of studio version of that song.

    "St. James Infirmary Blues" - The White Stripes covered it on their first studio album.

    Son House "Death Letter"

    Blanche - "Who's to Say" - The White Stripes covered that song on their studio album Elephant. Also, Jack and Dan played that song in their band called Two-Star Tabernacle

    Corky Robbins "Conquest" - The White Stripes covered it on their studio album Icky Thump.

    Bob Dylan "New Pony" - The Dead Weather covered that song on their debut studio album called Horehound. The song was also played live by the band.

    Downliners Sect - "Outside" - Covered by The Dead Weather on their first studio album called Horehound.

    Them - "You Just Can't Win" - The Dead Weather recorded it on the B side of the single. Jack sang lead vocals on that one.

    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - "A Child of a Few Hours Is Burning to Death" - The Dead Weather covered that song live.

    Wanda Jackson "Funnel of Love" - Jack played it with Wanda and Third Man Band.

    "Riot in Cell Block # 9" - -II- Also, it was covered by Flat Duo Jets.

    That would be enough from me, for now. Thank you. Good project.

  • Comment number 4.

    "Jimmy the Exploder" by The White Stripes.
    "Red Death at 6:14" by The White Stripes.
    "Catch Hell Blues" by The White Stripes.
    "I'm Slowly Turning into You" by The White Stripes.
    "Death Letter" covered by the White Stripes on their second studio album De Stijl, originally by Son House.
    "Ball and Biscuit" by The White Stripes.

    Honestly if I keep going I won't be able to stop so there are my suggestions. Thank you very much BBC for this event.

  • Comment number 5.

    This is a cool idea but I have @nordrvagdavo's problem. Once I started thinking of songs my mind went into overdrive. I've tried to narrow the list down. Sorry if it's too long.
    The White Stripes
    Hand Springs (An absolute essential of their catalog)

    Party of Special Things To Do (One of the best covers in the history of time)

    Screwdriver (Performed at their first show)

    Jumble, Jumble (Classic track from De Stijl)

    Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (He said it took him three or four years to write it and is one of the best songs they wrote)

    Hotel Yorba (Another core track from their catalog)

    Ball and Biscuit (The White Stripes' "Sister Ray")

    Hypnotize (A fantastic but often overlooked track from Elephant)

    Black Jack Davey (A great twist on an American folk song)

    The Denial Twist (A great song about the twist)

    Red Rain (Perfect example of Jack's "therefore" based lyrics)

    Icky Thump (Tremendous)

    Little Cream Soda (A core track from Icky Thump)

    The Upholsterers
    (Pain) Give Me Sympathy (The band where Jack fully discovered his sound)

    Jack White
    Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Cold Mountain Soundtrack (Jack always talks about his love for American folk music)

    Son House
    Death Letter (A stand by of the The White Stripes live show and a fan favorite)

    Grinnin' In Your Face (On Under Blackpool Lights they do a medley of Death Letter and this song. Also to second will_otoole's suggestion. )

    The Stooges
    I'm Bored (The White Stripes performed this a lot in the early years)

    Howlin' Wolf
    Trouble Comes Knocking (Another less talked about inspiration for The White Stripes)

    Robert Johnson
    I Think I'll Dust My Broom (Thrown into a performance of "Ball and Biscuit" on Under Great White Northern Lights)

    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Crazy Arms (Third Man Records has released several records by Jerry Lee over the past couple years)

  • Comment number 6.

    Death Letter...there is no better live version of ANY song..Jack at his best.

    Catch Hell Blues...who needs any lyrics???

    Blue Veins...heard this live and Jack puts his all in to this song.

    Black Jack Davey, cover and done spectacularly. What a ballad!

    I Want to Be the Boy Who Warms Your Mother's Heart, live version from Under Great White Northern Lights...WOW!!!

    Truth Doesn't Make a Noise...live or recorded version from De Stijl, simply put, "a beautiful song."

    Love is Blindess....NEVER thought someone could make a U2 song better...but Jack DID. (I love you, Edge, but take note.)

    Jolene....Dolly does it brilliantly...but Jack does it sooooo PASSIONATELY. This was my first Jack White song I EVER heard and the rest was history for me.

    I can keep going, but any song you do by Jack White, you cannot go wrong.

  • Comment number 7.

    I love Jack White, he is fabulous,gorgeous, wonderful, and I could go on forever. I would like to hear:
    Icky Thump
    Seven Nation Army
    Blue Blood Blues
    Die by The Drop
    My Door Bell
    And there are so many more, I don't think I have heard a song that Jack did that I didn't like!

  • Comment number 8.

    1. Ball and Biscuit
    2. You Don't Understand Me (Raconteurs)
    3. Catch Hell Blues
    4. Little Bird
    5. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
    6. Death Letter
    7. Love is Blindness
    8. Moonage Daydream
    9. Blue Veins (Raconteurs)
    10. Not Fade Away

  • Comment number 9.

    Only 60 minutes? Then I would have to suggest "I'm slowly turning into you" back to back, 13 times...

  • Comment number 10.

    Totally agree you gotta include a live version of Death Letter - one of the best tunes ever - Glastonbury 2005 version was particularly good...
    Cannon live (again the glastonbury 2005 version was awesome)
    Ball and biscuit,
    So far from your weapon (dead weather),
    catch hell blues,
    I think I smell a rat,
    One more cup of coffee,
    The union forever,
    Something from Loretta Lynn's Van lear rose album - Have mercy perhaps?
    Blue veins - raconteurs
    will there be enough water - dead weather

    Ooooh, so many choices, so little time...... If only every day was Jack day!!

  • Comment number 11.

    I could list many songs either penned by Jack or influential in his music, but then those above me have already done that! So I'll just pick my favourtie song at the moment which is White Moon. I went to see UGWNL at the cinema in Manchester and this song at the end made me cry. It was such a beautiful moment.

  • Comment number 12.

    1. I Wanna Be the Boy to Warm Your Mothers Heart.
    2. The Denial Twist
    3. Black Math
    4. Portland Oregon

  • Comment number 13.

    must haves:
    St. Ides of March- The White Stripes, on B-Side of Hardest Button to Button, written by the Soledad Brothers
    Blues Veins- The Raconteurs
    Screwdriver (live)- The White Stripes
    Little Room- The White Stripes (This song is the definition of Jack and Meg!!)
    Another Way to Die- Jack White and Alicia Keys
    Lord, Send Me an Angel- The White Stripes, written by Blind Willie McTell
    I Can't Hear You- The Dead Weather
    Top Yourself- The Raconteurs
    Mystery Man- The Three Generators (ft. Jack White)
    Pain (Give Me Sympathy)- The Upholsterers
    Fly Farm Blues- Jack White
    Truth Doesn't Make a Noise- The White Stripes

  • Comment number 14.

    "LETS SHAKE HANDS," may not define Jack White's style as much as Samuel McTell, Son House, Robert Johnson or the Flat Duo Jets but it marks the official birth of The White Stripes on Bastille Day. It is proof that he had a specific plan before he ever "Heard his name and wanted to disappear," by paying homage to the end of the Absolute Monarchy that ruled over most of Europe and most would concur led to the French Revolution that led to another proud country that shares two of the same colors RED & WHITE. So nicely planned out. It seems like his mother's womb was the first "LITTLE ROOM," he stepped out of before walking down the street with a "SCREWDRIVER," to "HOTEL YORBA" and screaming "RED DEATH AT 6:14," to the concierge because she tried to deny their approval for filming videos. Meg feel asleep on the couch knowing that they , "WE'RE JUST GOING TO BE FRIENDS," even though he used to get jealous when he saw her admirer's faces, "White flowers, cups of coffee and love letters. Then he admitted he was lying about their relationship when he turned up the volume on, "THE TRUTH DOESN'T MAKE A NOISE," and sang, "SISTER," Do you know my name. His messages where clean and mysterious with a lyrical style so fresh that a, "SEVEN NATION ARMY," couldn't hold him back. Leaving "THE BIG THREE" on the "DEAD LEAVES AND A DIRTY GROUND."
    Beck was so impressed with his lyrical style that he found John Anthony Gillis' backyard with nothing in it. Except a stick, a dog and a box with something in it. The road was paved for greatness after "JOLENE," became the first and only country song to reach number one in Japan and his grammy collection ranges from album art to engineering and everything in between. He continues to put out those "Icky Thumps and Lonely Consolations," to make sure those lacking musical depth will pay good money so he can get him something good, something good to eat. But we all know those folks will never know what love is until they stood front row at a small venue and received their very own "DEATH LETTER with a BALL AND BISCUIT."
    Jack White changed by whole perspective on music and my wife and I love him so much and his blues tributes that we went to the actual Crossroads (hwy. 49 & 61) in Clarksdale, MS on our honeymoon and stayed at Morgan Freeman's juke joint their while my pick rested at the crossroads for three nights and then we spent our first anniversary in an old slave shack one mile from Robert Johnson's [real - they didn't move bodies far from the place of death back then and he died from poison less than a mile from the] grave where my pick rested for two more nights. Now we frequently drive from ATL to Nashville in hopes that someday we can't meet him. My wife wears the same shirt that has a picture she took of him looking right at the camera at the 2008 Jazzfest with the Raconteurs every time. We are professional school/sport's photographers but we are most proud of our press passes to take pictures we can't sell of Jack. The Raconteurs site has our names on the 9 or 10 pics they posted to the Jazzfest 2008 section of their live media pages.
    A true fan,
    Sam Freeman
    Long live the White Stripes!

  • Comment number 15.

    So, how many songs off of "Blunderbuss" do you think will make our new 'favorite' Jack White songs list? It comes out on the 24th - which I'm super excited for. You can pre-order the album online if you haven't already. http://jackwhiteiii.com/


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