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Guest Blogger - World's Greatest Music

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Producer Will Producer Will | 17:30 UK time, Friday, 19 August 2011


by Joe Taylor, founder of The World's Greatest Music

The internet is the best thing that's happened to music fans since recorded sound. When I was a youngster I would hear John Peel or Mark Radcliffe play a great track on Radio 1, then I'd scour the NME every week in the hope of gleaning more information about the band in question, whose name I might have misheard. Sometimes I'd never hear them or hear of them again. Nowadays, with the help of Shazam, iPlayer, YouTube, iTunes and the rest, the great song I hear on the radio can be on my iPod before the DJ has finished playing it.

The concept behind The World's Greatest Music is that me and my dad Phil blog some of the greatest music of all time. We source most of the music from YouTube, and once in a while I'll upload a track to YouTube if it's something I want to blog about which isn't there already. In doing so, I'm adding to the greatest music library of all-time - i.e. the internet. This is an activity that appeals to me greatly, so I wanted to highlight four blogs that are doing it on a bigger scale than me and my dad could ever manage.

I discovered nyctaper recently when I was checking out the band Wise Blood on the Hype Machine. This guy (I think it's safe to assume it's a guy) goes along to gigs in the New York area and, with permission from the venue and the band, records the sound then posts entire live sets on his blog. I haven't seen Wise Blood live yet but I feel like I have because I've heard their set on nyctaper.

Brian Shimkovitz used to live in Africa and has travelled there extensively, collecting loads of African music along the way, most of it on cassette. His Awesome Tapes from Africa blog features the audio from those cassettes alongside the artwork, which is generally amazing. As Brian says on the blog, "This is music you won't easily find anywhere else - except, perhaps in its region of origin."

Dalston Oxfam Shop is another blog featuring mp3s ripped from cassettes, but this time purchased from an Oxfam shop in East London.

So Many Records, So Little Time is another New York-based blog, run by Kevin Patrick, the manager of Matt & Kim and formerly a record company A&R man (he signed Wheatus of Teenage Dirtbag fame, and worked with The Pogues). He has been an avid collector of 7" singles since his teens, and now he blogs the audio and artwork from one of those singles every day without fail. Some of the artists are very well known, some of the music is amazing, yet a lot of it can't be found anywhere else on the internet.


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