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Guest Blogger - Fear of Fiction

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Producer Will Producer Will | 09:17 UK time, Friday, 8 July 2011

Hello and welcome to the world of finding music that makes me want to hide in a bunker, deep underground, and press play, over and over again.

There’s no order to this list, they are just bands I love and you should love to.

Relatively new to the Bristol scene, Archimedes have gone from strength to strength building a great following and ever evolving sound. They have quiet intricate sections, but are very loud. They write anthemic chorus’ which are hard not to sing along with, but they will never be pop. Make sure you check them out on their upcoming uk tour.

Last Days of Lorca
Brighton based five-piece, bridging the gap between At The Drive In and early Radiohead. I’ve been listening to their new EP non stop since release, and they constantly blow me away live. The first time I ever saw them I spent about £30 on their CDs, vinyl and assorted merch. Each decade has a sound track, and if the 2011’s timeline boasting terrorism, mass revolutions and political corruption ever needed a score written, this is who they would ask.

The Black Ships
Consisting of some fairly top-notch band members, Nick McCabe and Simon Jones (The Verve) Mig Schillace (Santa Cruz / Portishead) and Davide Rossi (Coldplay / Goldfrapp) – they have produced one of the most intriguing releases this year. The three track Kurofune EP displays a staggering variety of material, while the debut album is penciled for a February release - promising to be a dark, brooding, and very unpredictable - for now you can download Kurofune for free from their website.

Little Victories
In defiance of the dull and dusty folk of Mumford and Sons, Little Victories, blend elements of Coldplay, Death Cab and Arcade Fire into something all together more vibrant. Instantly likeable pop songs, drenched with complex layers of guitars, keys and strings, they have the potential to please all comers.

Lana Del Rey
A guilty pleasure, I think, but also one of the freshest new acts, with possibly one of the best singles to be releases this year. Based in the USA, hopefully she will be doing some UK dates with the release of her debut EP. Video Games is a tragically melancholy ballad, with some of the most beautiful production I’ve heard a solo artist have in a long time.

OLO Worms
Signed to Fence Records, this is psychedelic electronica at its finest, strewn with samples and analogue synths reminiscent of The Beta Band who have immersed themselves in lots of psychedelic medication. OLO Worms are constantly taking a fresh approach to music making. If you close your eyes and make a wish, they might start playing live again soon. (Pretty please.)

For a Minor Reflection
Serving as a punch in the throat to everyone assumes you have to wait eight minutes for a post-rock song to do anything. This Icelandic four-piece have a much heavier approach while retaining the subtlety that these soundscapes require. After seeing them at one of the best gigs of my life, in the tiny space under Queens Hotel at Great Escape 2010, their album has been on constant repeat. Look out for a new EP and world tour this autumn.


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