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Guest Blogger - Robot Pigeon

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Producer Will Producer Will | 16:30 UK time, Friday, 6 May 2011

Queen of Hearts

Photo by Jenny Brough

So we're RobotPigeon. We write about electronic pop music (as a rule) but if we love something, we'll write about it. So while we'll generally stick to music that makes us do a little dance in our chairs, we'll often dip into something generally more acoustic or a little more chilled.

These are our picks of current songs that make us really, really excited...

Queen of Hearts - Where Are You Now

Queen of Hearts is a lovely lady called Liz Morphew. She has a dazzling array of headwear for her live performances and a quite brilliant selection of pop songs in her arsenal. Her track Where Are You Now was her second to hit the blog world and we had the exclusive on the astounding Fear of Tigers remix on RobotPigeon. Which is, as with all FoT work, completely amazing.

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (WeAreOliver Remix)

This man is amazing. If Prince was white, stubbly and handsome, he would be Penguin Prison. Fair Warning is not his next single (that's a song called Multi Millionaire) but this one is due for release in August and is our favourite from his debut album. The WeAreOliver remix makes us feel funny in our stomachs.

Kit - Those Words

Facts on these French people are sparse as they are so very new but here it what we do know: This song is very cool, very French and very, very sexy.

Yuksek - On A Train

This train has been bouncing around online for a short while now, but under the name Mega Mystery Band. Well, it seems that mystery is none other than Yuksek, French dance genius who is now following a more guitar driven sound - but not at the expense of his electronic roots. This makes us want to go and dance immediately.


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