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Producer Will Producer Will | 14:53 UK time, Friday, 8 April 2011

Hashtags – or # - are commonly used on Twitter as a way of tagging Tweets. They can then be tracked – following #BarackObama would give you constant updates on what people are saying about the American president for example – and they are also collated to highlight what is trending across the social tool.

The name of our show, Now Playing, derives from one of the most common hashtags - #nowplaying. People use this and add it to their Tweet to show what they are listening to at that moment.

A few times during our show on BBC 6 Music we track #nowplaying and see what is being played across the world - before Tom picks one to play out on air.

If we (@BBC6Music) have Tweeted you this link – then we have probably just hijacked your speakers or headphones and played whatever you were listening to just before our message to digital radios across the United Kingdom, and over the internet to the world – so thank you!


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