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Another dodgy donation?

Nick Robinson | 17:18 UK time, Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Labour's secret donor has just spoken in public for the first time since the scandal broke. Sadly for Mr Abrahams all did not go quite to plan...

Choosing to make a donation of a large cheque in front of the cameras was, no doubt, intended to prove that Mr A is a generous benefactor of a host of good causes. Doing it at the opening of a hair-dressing salon run by an old friend in Hexham was, no doubt, meant to emphasise his commitment to the North East. And yet, and yet...

Mr Abrahams began his speech by saying that he was handing the money over in memory of a little girl who had died of cancer. After sharp intakes of breath, the shaking of heads and a tap on the shoulder by his friend who seized the microphone it was pointed out that Olivia Anderson, aged seven, was infact very much alive and that the money was being raised to help her and her family since she suffers from cerebral palsy.

The hairdresser went on to reveal that he'd been called upon to dye Mr Abrahams hair since he'd been in the public spotlight. It may take more than that...


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  • At 02:43 AM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • Michael McFarlane wrote:

So, the "dodgy" Mr Abrahams makes another "dodgy" donation.

The man may or may not be as "dodgy" as a Spice Girls singing ability?, but we deserve to hear more about the "dodgy" methods used to give his donations and the characters that accepted them.

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  • At 08:44 AM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • Nick B wrote:

If one is going to try and manipulate the press then one should get one's story right (& colour). Sounds like a lot of grubby hands pawing at grubby money.

What a howler. Even when Labour try to dig themselves out of a hole, they just end up making it worse. Luckily for him the newspapers haven't carried this story so he may have dodged the bullet.

Abrahams must really be wishing the last month hadn't happened for so many reasons.

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  • At 02:05 PM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • Bedd Gelert wrote:

Interesting also to see that the Guardian has given 'Mr Anonymous' a front-page picture spread with a gang of lovely young ladies - clearly meant to make him look like Mel Brooks in the 'Producers', as if to say 'Rough up the Labour Party any more, and you know what to expect..'.

This could turn very nasty indeed...

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  • At 03:08 PM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • Justin wrote:

He'll be on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! next. You wait and see.

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  • At 05:49 PM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • DB wrote:

The revelations about Imran Khand's donations to Labour have gone unreported by the BBC. Why?

(Trying to post comments on these blogs is infuriating. Is this a deliberate ploy?)

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  • At 06:55 PM on 12 Dec 2007,
  • Greenman wrote:

Well money was given anyway - even if there was confusion over the good cause.

The photo with young, mainly female personages surrounding Mr Abrahams caused me to smile.

Can I suggest the "shy" David should be "retiring" too - from his new found celebrity.

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  • At 09:42 AM on 13 Dec 2007,
  • Howard wrote:

In your second paragraph, Nick, you use the phrase 'no doubt' twice, presenting Mr A to us as an underhanded manipulator in simple, black and white terms.

Surely there is considerable doubt as to whether that is the case.

I would say that any manipulation on the part of Mr A is easily matched by your manipulation of this event to fit your own news agenda.

On the subject of hair colour, perhaps you should, on occasion, allow a little more grey to show through your black and white blog.

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  • At 10:46 AM on 13 Dec 2007,
  • Charles E Hardwidge wrote:

Mr Abrahams is trying so hard he's falling over his own shoes. I don't think he's got anything to worry about. As previous commentators have suggested, he doesn't give the impression of a bad character and is appealing in a quaint way. Far from being vilified and abandoned, I think, Mr Abrahams is coming out of this rather well.

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  • At 04:47 AM on 22 Dec 2007,
  • Peter Nadin wrote:

Re : the “cash for honours” and donations debacle. I would love to see a spreadsheet with a list of all the so-called loans to Labour to see how many of these have actually been paid back and at what interest rates (commercial rates or otherwise) and over what time period. How come with all the publicity surrounding donations and Blair-gate, David Abrahams was blissfully unaware he was doing something wrong when inviting others to spend his money on his behalf. Sounds very fishy to me. After all, the rules on donations were changed five or six years ago. You would have thought that the investigation into Tony Blair would have been enough to alert Abrahams that he might be doing something wrong. Keep challenging and questioning Nick.

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