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Bishop Harold Miller: I may boycott communion at Lambeth

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William Crawley | 09:34 UK time, Sunday, 13 July 2008

_44103386_bishop_harold_miller203.jpgA leading Church of Ireland bishop told the Sunday Sequence programme this morning that he may refuse to attend services of Holy Communion at the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops, which begins on Wednesday. The Rt Revd Harold Miller, Bishop of Down and Dromore, and a well-known evanglical leader within Ireland's Anglican church, said he 'had to think long and hard' before deciding to attend this year's Lambeth gathering. Bishop Miller said the Archbishop of Canterbury's decision to invite the consecrators of Bishop Gene Robinson, in 2003, was a mistake. A lot of money, he said, is being spent on the Lambeth Conference in an effort to 'keep the show on the road'.

Bishop Miller also described the recent comments by the Welsh primate, Archbishop Barry Morgan -- in which the primate stated that he would have no theological objection to consecrating as a bishop a gay priest who was in a faithful same-sex relationship -- as 'unhelpful'.


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    Looks like the battle lines are being drawn for the newest split in NI society. Depending on how his parishoners feel, the Bishop of Down and Dromore may become the Bishop of Down and Out.

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    'tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd...

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    I think I'm getting a handle on the role of a Bishop - he decides which conferences to go to. He disagrees with other Bishops. He gets ignored by Priests and Parishoners, so he says whatever he likes. And now women have the right to be ignored in the CofE as well!
    Does anyone know what the food and accommodation will be like at Lambeth? I mean, that's got to factor into your decision, right?


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    And has anyone ever noticed how they always "may" do this, or "maybe" think that? How does anyone get anything done?

    If anyone's interested, I MAY visit my in-laws in Wales this summer. A lot of money MAY be spent just to get my head showered. I wanted to go to York or London, but Nicola found my comments "unhelpful".

    G Veale

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    The venue is not actually Lambeth but the University of Kent at Canterbury. I have distant memories of attending a conference there once myself and, in answer to your questions the food was dreadful and the accommodation typical 70's student halls.


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