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McCain Suckered By Obama Over The Big Bucks

Peter Marshall | 19:27 UK time, Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Even while he claims to relish unfavourable odds, John McCain must surely regret how he was suckered by Obama over campaign funding.

Back in June the Democrat suddenly reversed an earlier promise to use the federal funding system - where each candidate is limited to spending $80 million on the general election - if McCain would do the same. McCain duly committed to using the public money only to see Obama, buoyed by record breaking private donations, change his mind.

Last month alone Obama raised a breathtaking $150 million. It means in crucial states across the country you can barely turn on your TV without seeing an Obama campaign ad. McCain is being swamped. And there's far more to come: on October 29 Obama will air a 30 minute advertising special on the major networks, including Fox, where he's usually portrayed as the Anti American incarnate.

It's a coup for the front runner, apparently achieved by breaking his word over funding. Obama concedes he wasn't born in a manger. But one wonders why, amid all their failing jibes about Obama's "socialism" and "palling with terrorists" the McCain-Palin camp haven't called him harder on this.


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