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Blair and Brown almost left off Olympics VIP list

Michael Crick | 19:14 UK time, Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's not just the royal palaces who seem to have forgotten our last two Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

If the men who ruled us for 13 years are seething about not being invited to the Royal Wedding they can console themselves with the thought that at least they are on the VIP list for next year's London Olympic Games.

Only just, mind you.

It's amazing how powerful men can so quickly be forgotten.

For I'm told that originally the bureaucrats who drew up the Olympic VIP list took the same view as palace officials, and overlooked the two former Labour PMs.

That's despite the fact that Blair flew to Singapore to help clinch the London bid in 2005, and Brown sanctioned the financial investment. And both men take a big interest in sport.

Fortunately the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt spotted that their names had been left off the VIP list, and quickly insisted that they both be added at once.

So, unlike ordinary mortals, they won't have to worry about being successful in the ballot for tickets.


  • Comment number 1.


    Will the two Bs still be getting personal protection at our expense, as expired PMs, or will it have run out?

  • Comment number 2.

    If I may suggest an edit..

    'unlike ordinary mortals, they won't have to worry about being successful'

    And true across almost any possible application. Like so many less than stellar moves or their authors, the public is at least there to fund it all no matter what.

    One suspects most have already gathered how it 'works'.

  • Comment number 3.

    so nice to know that 'our' Royal family prefer the company of mass murderer's and the tyrants of the middle east to the presence of two elected former prime ministers, the Royal family are still back in Khartum and Maffeking....pip pip..

  • Comment number 4.

    I wouldn't want them at any do of mine either, two men who won't buy a round, you've got to be kidding.

  • Comment number 5.

    Because of their lack of intelligence, because of their narcissism, because of the tactics they employed to justify the deployment of our armed forces in a war they were not equiped sufficiently to fight, that we couldn't actually afford to fight, and had no chance of winning, the princes back a charity called 'Help for Heros' that Harry, and William, given their background, support more than any political party. The two individuals in question would actually, if they were present 1) spoil the enjoyment for everyone else and 2) MORE IMPORTANTLY, since they are among the three most hated and despised hominids alive today, make the job of the police and those responsible for the safety of the public even harder than their legacy of cretinaceous era politics has already made it.

    Blair and Brown are not Morcombe and Wise! They have the blood of people they sent into battle unequiped to do the service to their country that was required of them. I despise the loathsome pair of them to the very core of my heart. If either of them had a single crumb of human decency they would find some austere monestary in the Hymalayas and hide there for the rest of their contemptable and miserable self-serving lives. I am a son of the manse by the way, and nothing but the GB and TB entities make me more deeply ashamed to be such. I've heard it said he wanted to be prime Minister when he was a child. That kind of megalomania should be screened for in future!!!

    Enjoy the wedding. Remember to to enjoy it more because the 4,100 members of the NUJ at the BBC would have happily gone on strike to make sure their one party socialist ambititions for the UK were advanced. Rightly they decided not to, but their aims are still the same but we should always remember we are the licence payers even if they think they can play cheap political stunts. Please write to your MPs if you gegin to appreciate the anti-government, pro-Labour/TUC paymasters bias that has me switching off my expensive digital radio every morning before I smash it into the wall in anger at their unionised political bias!

    They want us to be thick. they want us to fail at school. They want us then, having created the skill shortages, to welcome people from elsewhere to come her to do the jobs our failed socialist expreiment couldn't achieve the number of people required to meet our needs (we are talking about an aducational farce that started after the enf of the seconf worlf war!!!

    Word association- lies, deciet ; Labour/TUC BBC NUJ- total abandonment of professional objectivity. Rubbish, garbage, propaganda of the anencephalic left.

    PS I listen to the Stalinist Today programme every morning.

  • Comment number 6.

    Smeagol -

    You do seem to have got yourself into something of a lather about all this.

    The decision not to include Blair and Brown was a mistake and reflects badly on the Palace.

    I absolutely agree with you about much of what they did incidentally. Unfortunately do not expect anything better from this pretend Tory party. They are pro immigration, pro Europe, soft on crime, will continue to destroy education etcetc.

    Cameron is the self-proclaimed heir to Blair and is proving as proficiently inept as his hero.

  • Comment number 7.

    Clearly not a very good thing to do, but I can't say I blame them, I wouldn't have either of them to my wedding either. Maybe they would have been invited had Blair been big enough to have properly apologised for taking us to war in Iraq, and Brown apologised for almost bankrupting the country with his devil may care attitude to spending the tax payers hard earned money.

    Oh and Stevie, i think yesterday shows that the Royal Family are bang up to date but still with a respect for the history and tradition of this great country. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will ensure the Monarchy stays the ruling family of this country for many years to come and bravo to that. The republicans out there should put up and shut up as yesterday shows they are out of touch with the country.

  • Comment number 8.

    Brown did not 'bankrupt' the country he made sure when nationalising the banks that you and your Tory 'friends' could go to a cashpoint and get money out of a wall because if Brown hadn't you would have been standing there fuming and also skint, it was not Brown that caused this it was worldwide capitalism that has ruined every nation on earth with it's mad monatory policy that had the Labour and Conservative parties 'sucking' up to the bank of England and the City for decades and the out of control 'City' nearly cleaned us all out with it's madness so no lectures from little Hitlers in the Tory party about Brown and Blair and loathe them as I might for their 'foreign policy' they did not throw us to the wolves as the Tories did in black Wednesday and at Masterricht...

  • Comment number 9.

    Stevie, where does it say in any of my posts I'm a Tory? I can't say I'm surprised by your assumption, your posts (rants) are mostly a load of generalisations and not based on much fact.

    Oh and I notice you didn't say anything about the Royal wedding - that outdated farce you called it the other day. 1 million people on the streets of London, 24 million people watching on television in the UK, 2 billion worldwide!!! Long live the Monarchy.


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