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Election leaflets: Who is top dog and the mark of Ashcroft

Michael Crick | 17:50 UK time, Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Those obsessive-leaflet gatherers at the Straight Choice website have made a couple of more interesing observations today.

First, there's been a significant change, they say, on national Lib Dem leaflets, or national leaflets customised for local Lib Dem candidates:

Vince Cable is now getting pretty much equal billing, if not better billing, than the leader Nick Clegg.

This seems to be a national Lib Dem decision, not a consensus by local candidates.

Second, they reckon it's possible to work out which Conservative candidates have been blessed with "Ashcroft Money".

Not only are these leaflets glossier and more colourful than other candidates', but they are also carry an imprint for a firm called TPF Ltd.

Yesterday I blogged about the only photo of Gordon Brown on any Labour leaflet being for the local constituency campaign for, er .... Gordon Brown himself, in Kirkcaldy.

The Straight Choice organiser Richard Pope tells me this was based on 262 Labour leaflets from 101 seats gathered from the start of this year.

In contrast, David Cameron appears on about half of the 209 leaflets they have collected so far from 97 constituencies.

PS another reminder that as part of Newsnight's election coverage I am asking for your help in monitoring what the parties are promising in the pamphlets they drop through your door - full details on the kind of thing I am looking for, and how to send them in, can be found here.


  • Comment number 1.

    I declare myself as a serial conservative activist. We've gone out with our PPC, a new boy, with two leaflets. Where there's no one in,really or tactically. we've left the national "not at home" leaflet. When someone answers, we use the "PPC" leaflet as a hook to introduce the new man. You can only get so much on an A5 sheet. Seems to be working though.

  • Comment number 2.

    I've been a member of BBC comments for over 3 years now. When do I stop being "New"?

  • Comment number 3.

    Michael, in butcher’s shop today, Yuri and me not impress by quality English campaigns leaflets. Picture Sir Winch Cables or Eric Pickles – he is wrestler, yes? – is not answer. Last Russian elect, we are get great leaflet. It have picture glorious Vlad, he look very gorgeous, though hair is get thin, and simply say “Vote or not Vote, the Choice is Yours”. This mean: “Election in bag already”. This is useful information, influence votings decision. Assistant Yuri and me is cheer, have vodka celebrations, and stay in shop on pollings day, safe in knowledge that our man is triumphings.

  • Comment number 4.

    Michael, I can confirm that Dave Cam is on the election flier for Woking


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