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Sympathy for the modern political parent

Michael Crick | 17:07 UK time, Monday, 19 October 2009

I bumped into one of John Major's old Cabinet colleagues this afternoon and ran past him my theory that this government may partly be exhausted because so many of them have young children.

"Oh yes," he said. "In my day you could simply farm all that out to your wife."


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    May I add that probably most parents in the UK are exausted due to the fact they are chasing material wealth. We used to call it greed. They give "quality time" to their children; we used to call it "time" for our children. Mothers used to stay at home and take responsibility for their own kids. This seems too difficult or boring for working mothers who have to go out to work to pay for child carers - silly really. Am I being sexist? Suggest you ask Alan Sugar who has similar opinions - he said on "The One Show" he'd hesitate (or was it "refuse"?) to employ a woman of child bearing age.

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    We are a dying breed and the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Apres us the deluge of attachment problems.


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