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Wednesday 13 April 2011

Sarah McDermott | 11:16 UK time, Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tonight our political correspondent Iain Watson will be setting out the scale of council spending cuts in England and where they fall politically. The communities secretary Eric Pickles has accused Labour councils of failing to protect front line services and says they should be cutting back office and exec pay instead.

Mr Pickles will be joining us live in the studio to debate with council leaders, when we'll ask if the scale of the cuts will seriously damage local services.

As savings are made across the public sector, thousands of employees will be looking for new jobs this year. The government hopes the private sector can pick up the slack, but are former public sector workers equipped for change?

Four high profile business mentors (including businesswomen Nicola Horlick and Deborah Meaden) help four public sector workers facing redundancy in our Job Market Mentors film tonight.

Before then check out Dragons' Den star Deborah Meaden's top tips for making the transition from the public to the private sector.

Do join Gavin Esler at 2230 on BBC Two.


  • Comment number 1.


    If each of the political parties applied for the job, would you REALLY hire any of them?

    All their CVs would either be a blatant 'cardboard of lies', or a litany of serial failures - probably both. You would be faced with: deviousness, theft and collapse of your national competence.

    Yet, when the next General Election comes, unless we collectively step outside the lie, WE SHALL GET OURSELVES ANOTHER ONE.


  • Comment number 2.


    So the EU have fined a bunch of manufacturers for cheating the punters. Has EU governance had any accounts signed off yet?

    Nuff sed.

  • Comment number 3.

    Public sector workers are 4 to a lightbulb.
    Private sector workers are 1 to half a dozen buildings.
    If you want a vacancy filled. Don't give it someone who has worked for the state...the shock of some real work could kill them.
    Thats all you need to know on this matter. How do I know this? I taught everything Dragans Den Deborah Meaden knows about business. Yeah, she's a big shot now but when I took Debs and her mate Maureen on as apprentices many years ago, I had them both picking-up paperclips for six months in the office.
    Anyhow, Debbie became the receptionist but I had to let Maureen go (this was in the good old days when you could sack lazy staff) What was the difference between Debbie and Maureen? Well, Debbie used to work at the local fish and chip shop -a very busy establisment, especially on fridays when Debbie would work extra hours..whilst Maureen worked at the library.

    I rest my case.

    Yeah er, non of the above is true so don't be setting your lawyers on me. Its for illustration purpose only.

  • Comment number 4.'re right about the public sector...all them MP's getting hundreds of weeks holiday a year and doing if they worked for a private company......

  • Comment number 5.



    Nuff sed.

  • Comment number 6.

    Letter to my local paper a couple of weeks back

    So the time has come for council elections in the Ribble Valley and perhaps fortunately for local people any cuts to services would appear to be minimal. Perhaps that is due to the fact the the ruling political group have not got suckered into any grandiose schemes as suggested by lobbyists. However, there were moments like for example the windmill on the swimming baths proposal. The sad thing was that they had to pay private consultants to prove the idea was a non starter, when anybody with a true grasp of practical engineering could have advised them free, and why do we pay council officers so much.

    It looks as though all front line services will be maintained at the current level when other councils are having to cut said services. However, in the current circumstances it is perhaps indefensible to keep funding prestige projects like The Platform Gallery when allegedly four potential apprenticeships for local young people have been abandoned. In fact RVBC could probably kill two birds with one stone if they used the station building as a new expanded tourist information centre.

    It would save the enormous cost of building the proposed new centre at the castle gate, plus the rent on the current information centre. Also the station has good public transport links and ample close by parking for those visiting our area by car. The station building is probably large enough to provide a reasonable area for local artists to display their paintings / sculpture for sale , whilst improving the local tourist information aspect also.

  • Comment number 7.

    Andrew Lansley seems to think he failed to communicate his NHS reform policies to the medical profession.

    I think they have a VERY clear idea of what he proposes - is he really claiming that nurses are too ill informed or just plain stupid to understand what is being proposed?

    Are the doctors who voice the same concerns equally ill informed and/or stupid?

    I don't think there is any lack of understanding - I think the health service professionals understand precisely what Lansley is up to - and they don't like it one little bit because they can see the end of the NATIONAL health service and its replacement by a postcode lottery and a feeding frenzy of private companies taking away the easy, profitable work leaving the difficult, costly work to the rump of NHS hospitals that are left.

    Mr Lansley shouldn't have to apologise for failing to communicate properly - he's done a great job in that respect - so Mr Lansley, please don't feel you need to say sorry - you don't.

    Now that we can see the overwhelming opposition to the proposed changes and we are officially on PAUSE with them, the best solution is to recognise that the very people expected to operate the reforms have absolutely no confidence in them and assess them as dangerous and unworkable, now is the time to do the right thing and put the whole idea back in the bin where it came from.

    Mr Lansley is a true believer in the magic of the market - he honestly thinks market forces are the only way to allocate resources and if he can't marketise medicine through private insurance and healthcare provision to individual patients, the next best thing is to make GPs be the "customers" on a wholesale basis, and bring in private sector "willing providers" to compete with NHS hospitals.

    I have to say that the failure communicate is very much the other way around - WE have failed to convince Mr Lansley of our implacable opposition to another massive reform of the NHS, our rejection of marketisation and that with its faults, we value and respect the NHS and the people who work in it - yes there are always ways to tweak and improve things, but what is being proposed is a dangerous gamble that we do not need or want.

    So I apologise for failing to communicate properly - nurses, doctors, NHS workers and managers - you have all failed to let Mr Lansley know how you really feel - we see you politely greeting him when he visits your hospital or surgery - you nod when he talks to you and smile, but you don't say what you mean and mean what you say about your fears about the proposed reforms.

    Speak up as the RCN did today with its 96% vote of no confidence - tell the GPs setting up their consortia that you don't want them to do it - lobby your MP - as the current ad campaign says, its OK to talk about obsessive, irrational and compulsive behaviour bordering on mental illness, isn't it Mr Lansley?

  • Comment number 8.

    Lansley voted down in Liverpool...96% against....whoops, there goes the coalition....

  • Comment number 9.


    Post Lansley, I realise that we posters do not make ourselves understood! There is no fault with our reasoning or presumptions, ONLY our exposition. THAT is why these outpourings have had ABSOLUTELY NO IMPACT on British and global problems.

    Stand by for a paradigm shift and world peace!

    I'll be back.

  • Comment number 10.


    Mind you, as Westminster, through its MPs and peers, treats us with contempt, You might find your MP just 'not catching your drift', and going with the whip anyway.

    My MP simply says "na na na - can't hear you". The effect is much the same.


  • Comment number 11.


    I think you might find the Coalition agreement IS BINDING for 5 long years. I suspect that, even if a situation arises where Nick and Dave would LONG to meet the call of the people, and end the charade, HONOUR WILL NOT LET THEM. After all, a politician does not lightly break a pledge.

    Nuff sed.

  • Comment number 12.


    D'y know what? I think Tony might not be EXPLAINING himself clearly. He can't be wrong, for god's sake - I mean: LOOK AT HIS RECORD.

    You can't beat a British Blagger - especially a Global British Blagger!.

  • Comment number 13.

    Since the smoking ban five Pubs in a local town have closed.

    Each ‘served’ a region that was predominately a ‘working class’ residential area.

    The first went under fairly quickly after the ban introduction. There followed a - presumably - expensive conversion to an Indian Restaurant which lasted between six months to a year. Two subsequent Asian food eateries didn’t even last that long despite the building being in very close proximity to the local Bangladeshi community. Having been empty for a while t is presently being fitted out as a ‘Curry House’.

    Another is now semi-derelict following what may - or may not - have been an arson attack. Fortunately it was empty at the time.

    One has been unoccupied for a few months. A ‘For sale’ sign sways in a moderate breeze.

    The next currently has it’s windows sealed with weather resistant metal plates. Each board carries a notice reading “All items of value removed.”

    The fifth stands empty. It’s present owners are awaiting the outcome of a planning application. If successful the site will be reborn as a Mosque.

    Welcome to Britain in the 21st Century.

  • Comment number 14.

    Nuclear Debate
    It is simply not true to say there are no civilian casualties – two workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant died in the spent fuel pool. Their bodies were so tainted with radiation that they had to be de-contaminated before their family could say goodbye. In the case of Chernobyl, lots of people developed cancer and died as a result of radioactive exposure in the years following the nuclear disaster. How is Fukushima going to be any different?

  • Comment number 15.

    I thought we were paying all these public sector workers above the going rate so they wouldn't be head hunted by the private sector. Now they are being sacked I think they should be treated with the same degree of sympathy that they show us when we appeal a parking ticket.

    Whenever I am unfortunate enough to have any dealings with the public sector I always find the "public servants" to be arrogant, overbearing, rude and with that ghastly "I know best" attitude. Let's hope the mass sackings will focus their minds and remind them that they are there to serve us, not to control us. Some hope.

  • Comment number 16.

    Anybody want a larf this evening?

    Local elections coming up! ; )

    As Barrie says, "We have ourselves another one!"

  • Comment number 17.

    I have just watched the leader of my city council be allowed to speak once (plus an 'mmm...') during this programme' debate, how much did it cost me as a council tax payer and aBBC licence payer to have her shipped up to London from Bristol for that?

  • Comment number 18.


    Why do I always feel menaced by Pickles? Is he really a very nice man, and just hiding shyness?

    #16 link. I assure you Lizzy, that is NOT Dave Cameron in that picture. I have seen Dave on a giant poster during the 2010 election. Dave is handsome, with 'trust-me eyes and a lovely skin. Whereas that bloke in the Telegraph . . . Thanks for the larf.

  • Comment number 19.

    Why is it that, watching the programme so far, (23.01hrs.) I am reminded of the historical figure that the Americans used to call - a derisory term - a ‘Carni’.

    He was the person that was tasked with saying all the good things about the carnival, and circus, that would get the punters in and part with their money.

    Some punters new that it was all a scam but needed something to take their mind off of their own version of reality. Some thought it was reality! And some wanted the scam to be reality. Others stayed away knowing that their personal reality was the only ‘real’ reality!

    The reality is that the Carni was always part of the scam!

    Because he benefitted from it the most!

  • Comment number 20.


    As I posted at #12 above: intervention, apparently, saves lives. If St Tony still believes it, then perhaps it really is true. Tony majored in belief.

    Somehow though, Billy the Spud just doesn't cut much of a messianic figure - not like Tony.

    Who (in God's name) do our jumped up cipher-ninnies think they are? Was it in anyone's manifesto to ponce about the world playing Globopoly? Come home Billy, there will soon be more trouble here than you can shake a staff at. Yea verily.

  • Comment number 21.

    Having just watched the article about "useless" public sector workers being interviewed by the "wonderful" private sector leaders I wonder just how far Newsnight will go to present the Governments warped view of reality. How is it that a "business leader" can proudly boast that she doesn't know what change management is. Perhaps if that ignorance is repeated throughout the private sector we might have an explanation for the disastrous economic mess that the UK finds itself in. What I find most offensive about this is that current economic situation was entirely caused by the private sector whose leaders greed was only matched by their stupidity. Needless to say it is the public sector that has to bear the brunt of the pain while those who were responsible give themselves bonuses and pay rises while sitting in judgement on those who suffer. I call it an absolute disgrace and I wish Newsnight would do a few stories about that. By the way that is called investigative journalism. Something Newsnight used to do but I guess you have all forgotten that.

  • Comment number 22.


    As Dave no doubt knew, when he made the jibe, Nick did not call AV a 'squalid little compromise'. What irony that Dave's unpleasantness amounted to a squalid little compromising - of Nick; a consummate parliamentarian's 'Have you stopped beating your wife'.

    How did a major party come to elevate this man? How did he almost win an election? How did Nick Clegg come to sell his soul to stand next to such a person? Answer all those, and you will know just why we have no trust in politics, why Dave will never understand the way to regain that trust, and just how


  • Comment number 23.

    Re. David's speech - two words, 'horse', 'stable'.

    So sad, that the social sciences have been devoid of any understanding of actual science for so many decades. Population changes can be manipulated by policy only so far - how does DC plan to undo e.g. 13 above?

    One helpful step would be for the BBC to stop teaching us about traditionalism, how to pronounce foreign words, how to classify alien garments, or what (as I woke to this morning on World News) goes on in wedding ceremonies in, say, Sri Lanka - why do they think we need to know all this when there are very good reasons why we modernised away from the shackles of traditionalism?

    As for blaming the immigration problem of dolies, surely it was the failure of the private sector to pay a living wage that created the problem. All's immigration has done is line the pockets of 'entreprenneurs' - like the one who has just lost his TV presence due to disreputable dealings.

    The biggest leap for public sector workers moving into the private sector will be adapting to the BS they find there.

    Re. Lansley - two words - cottage hospitals

  • Comment number 24.


    Discriminatory Dave is milking the joke for all its worth. As I understand it: Johnnie Foreigner may be indiscriminately bombed at home, discriminated against (qualifications) before he comes here, NOT discriminated against (any grounds) after arrival, and if under threat should he return, POSITIVE discrimination is the rule.

    If Britain were a business, with such inept management over decades, WE WOULD BE INSOLVENT!

    Nuff sed.

  • Comment number 25.

    An interesting article this morning....

    Now we can see who's doing the paying out, and who's getting all the money, funny so much of it is the London boroughs with the most immigration. I thought we needed all these new people, to help build our economy, not pay out to them.

  • Comment number 26.

    Let me give you the truth of the matter; Gok Wan isn't waiting down the job center to help unemployed women with their self esteem . Yesterday out and about I met a women that I had not seen for a few years, age 50, unemployed for four years. I asked if she had done any work, reply: had 10 interviews last year but only work was in a brothel during December . What ? 'oh it was as a receptionist' how did you come by that ? reply: 'Job Center' so the Job Center thought it was a good idea to send you to a brothel for a job and you're basically coerced into this, I suppose if you refuse they could take action ? reply: 'guess so' How did it go tell me about it ? not many people called so I read a book; the women didn't speak English so it was a bit lonely. Did any men want to go with you? reply: 'yes one who wanted an older women' and you said no ? 'yep, he called back and said 'I still wanna go with you' I just put the phone down. The guy didn't ask me to come back after that'

    Look all this is about making people accept debt servitude, normalising degrading living and forcing low living standards while banks continue to exercise legalised fraud via fractional reserve banking and derivatives. All attempts at change are thwarted by capture and the feudal hierarchy class system.

  • Comment number 27.

    Welcome to the world of the EU criminal

    Now I know where all that farm machinery is going to, and who's stealing it!

  • Comment number 28.

    #26 Flicks looks as though the Huffington is not what she appears, just after the money! Like all good capitilists, pretending to care, now who does that remind of?!

  • Comment number 29.

  • Comment number 30.


    Do you ever wonder what the rest of the world REALLY thinks of us? We elevate these inept ninnies to Westminster and then watch them degrade OUR lives while presenting themselves abroad as 'world saviours'. PERVERSE is too small a word.

    Against the enormity of the above, the AV sop is further perversity.


  • Comment number 31.

    Eric Pickles is the Lanbherger Gessler of this era....and no sign of Robin Hood....

  • Comment number 32.

    more dragons den? NN been flogging that dead horse for too long.

    why does a 'business initiative' manager need 'help'? maybe those words mean something different in the state sector?

    still as long as kirsty found a new job doing....

  • Comment number 33.

    Guns and Butter

    "Five Objectives of the United States In Africa" with Michel Collon."


    BTW Max Keiser is on C4 -10 o'clock live tonight

  • Comment number 34.

    I watched Mr Pickles claiming DCLG did publish the same spending information as Councils over £500 - and then challenging the BBC to apologise. He is wrong.

    On 1 April 2011 DCLG published its own spending data over £500 for 1 April to 11 May 2010. That is 6 weeks of data that is now over a year old.

    Council's have to publish current data, every month.

    Please ask him to apologise.


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