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Wednesday 18 November 2009 - the plan so far

Verity Murphy | 11:52 UK time, Wednesday, 18 November 2009

As you can see we have decided to give you a heads up earlier in the day about what we are planning for the programme. It is of course all subject to change, but we thought it would be beneficial for you to know what we are doing.

So, here is what we are lining up for tonight's programme:

Today is of course the day of the Queen's Speech, in which the government is setting out its plans until the next general election.

Tonight we will be discussing the contents of the speech, and Michael Crick will be taking a look at the detail and assessing what it tells us about the election campaign ahead.

We have a report from the US on Sarah Palin - who is out and about promoting her 413-page autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life.

And we have a fascinating film on North Korean defectors.

More details later.

PS Sorry about the slip with the date last night...


  • Comment number 1.

    please tell me that the Republicans are not seriously considering this insane woman as presidential material for the next election.....we should all worry if it is true...

  • Comment number 2.


    When I got to the Ice Rink they were transmitting some football game and so I don't know how it all went in the Parliament today.

    I've been catching up today on lost time as i haven't been coming here recently all that much. It's all going very satisfactorily.

    Thank you for the good wishes earlier
    Hope your day is going as well as mine


  • Comment number 3.

    According to AP

    Sarah Palin's book is already a bestseller, and they even have a youtube report on it (source:

    plus, one store in the US (source:

    is donating 100% of its profits to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance. Sounds like an interesting book :o)

    ...and I look forward to today's analysis of the Queen's Speech

  • Comment number 4.

    "Tonight we will be discussing the contents of the speech, and Michael Crick will be taking a look at the detail and assessing what it tells us about the election campaign ahead"

    As a start, here's the top rated comments from GBP posting on BBC Have Your Say:
    "Everybody I speak to is either mad or angry about immigration, and it is the single most dominant subject talked about in pubs, high streets, shopping centres and anywhere else people gather in numbers to meet to chat. Yet in the debate immediately after the speech, not a single mention was made of it. Does any one of the panel live in the real world with us poor people?" Recommended by 116 people

    "How about a bit more effort applied to enforcing the laws we already have, burgulary, drunken thuggery, assault and car theft, and a bit less creating new laws to penalise the hard working taxpayers, such as 32 MPH in a 30MPH at 5AM on way to work, overfilled bins due to fortnightly collections, being arrested for striking for a wage rise etc."
    Recommended by 114 people

    "I want the Queen! She is the constant over the years, a fixed point through all shades of Government and all sorts of Prime Ministers.
    How refreshing to have her as the Head of State rather than a wily politician." Recommended by 103 people

    My only comment(at this stage) is that the Head of State is also not living in the real world. Just a news reader, exercising no real powers.

  • Comment number 5.

    @ Stevie #1 - well Obama isn't exactly amazing is he? Anything is better than him. Personally I prefer Palin :p

  • Comment number 6.

    I have said in the past that given the attempts by far right posters to dominate this page and those others who are "inspired" by their National Socialist rantings on eugenics and Jews and so on.

    They tend "to agree with" the BNP - you could almost say they were like BNP activists.

    So when I see 116 people recommending something on Have Your Say quite consistent with their view that they would replace democratically elected politicians (with National Socialism) does it say anything?

    Well, no, when you consider that in a general election the BNP will be lucky to elect a candidate and they have two MEPs largely because of the expenses scandal and the failures of the Labour Party. The votes for democratic candidates whose values are totally contrary to the BNP will be far in excess of those who vote BNP.

    Do people even know what they are voting for? A "nationalist" party that has embraced other "nationalist parties" in Europe - some of whom I believe are more candid about their admiration of Hitler and so on.

    Do the BNP rattle on about eugenics, Jews, replacing democracy, their various criminal convictions and so on - or do they use images of Spitfires and Churchill?

    Can they progress their party without revealing what they stand for? Are they going to take their "evidence" that the Holocaust never happened to any trial anytime soon? Are they going to oppose the law that requires them to admit all races or are they going to produce the alleged "science" that they claim justifies their racial outlook?

    They can't hide in the shadows with their flimsy fantasies and keep genuine supporters and those who have been duped by their rhetoric content simultaneously.

  • Comment number 7.

    the last time I looked Obama didn't want to invade 'all those foreign lookin' guys' and 'hey, Russia's only over there' Whose finger on the Nuke button? C'mon, get real

  • Comment number 8.

    #2 Mim
    Pretty good overall. Busier than anticipated but 2 things went very very well (including invite to speak at West of Scotland Forum (tennis) next year, one ok about as expected, half an hour free so got a brief freebie on court with coach, final meet tough going but brief but left time for a coffee and dog walk with pal. So no complaints.

    Watched UC over breakfast - Got 31 points (1 Q = 1 pt) from this weeks UC - chuffed!

    JUST trying to watch last nights NN.


    Await details of Queens Speech. I tend to agree with Mr Clegg and others that it may be a rather pointless exercise at this stage of the game.

    However, I strongly suspect that the other main parties would have done just the same if the boots were on their feet.

  • Comment number 9.

    "a legal obligation to halve the budget deficit within four years"

    or what?
    The government fines itself?
    Surely that's the height of meaninglessness.
    Perhaps it could be something like the govt works on half wages for the year if they don't make it.

    And does that just mean overspend half as much each year as we currently are?
    I'd have thought we'd need to get that down lower than that and in shorter time if we have an real intention of curbing our current excesses.

  • Comment number 10.

    #8 BYT

    "including invite to speak at West of Scotland Forum (tennis)"

    11 Nov

    Cheers Celtic #68

    '...But now you have the opportunity of making other public speeches.'

    What do you know that I don't.........


    Balmoral was mentioned in this post of yours, this was where Balmoral came from as it gave the distance to where you live

    Celtic Lion

  • Comment number 11.

    Verity Murphy

    Thanks for the PS. My apologies for being so harsh. But I get frustrated by NN having second rate guests on, especially in economics and climate change. Or even the exposure you give to Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb's et al, Barrie asked for a demo and all the readers of this blog were given one.

    It was my work the 2005G8 of climate change and Africa was based on. I was shortlisted to run the Millennium Dome as a £50 billion per year global environmental management centre. ie when the Government declined that it was automatic the UK would go into recession by £50 billion contraction in the economy. The recession was known about in Government circles from 2001.

    Yet NN does not even answer my letters or emails.

    Barrie Singleton asked for a demonstration of time relocation technology. He was given one infront of all the viewers of this blog. As BYT says we only have her word that was her birthday. That was a control, ie within the verifiable parameters of the NN blog.

    The same technology (it was not a trick) can be used to predict floods, famines, economic collapse way in to the future. By knowing the consequnces of a particular trajectory, the trajectory can be changed. Thus avoiding the consequences. Here is the £50 bn contraction in the UK economy which caused the recession. HM Government will confirm this was placed in 2006.

    The Government turned down the £50 bn per year contribution to the UK economy, therefore the UK automatically went into recession. All the explanations of sub prime, credit crunch etc are all social constructs because the real reason has not been presented by the media.

    I will be harsh on the BBC re proof reading a wrong date. DEFRA recommended me to proof read the Cabinet Offices datum for legislation.

    You may cover the Queens speech. But remember it was me that advised the Cabinet Office on which the datum (Regulatory Impact Assessment)is based.

    Therefore as an expert I am best placed to assess the Government's interpretation of the guidelines I contributed to. But NN doesn't even answer my letters or emails. Let alone allow me to engage in studio debate with a Minister.

    Al Gore, Sir David King, Gordon Brown, many world leaders eg Prince Charles and environmental organisations eg Greenpeace all quote my work.

    Why does Newsnight run scared of having me in a head to head in a studio debate? With £3 bn of licence payers money surely the BBC should afford the public the opportunity of having an engineer and not the usual oily rags in the studio.

    Roger Thomas
    Celtic Lion
    Applied Planetary engineering

  • Comment number 12.

    #4 indignantindegene good grief censorship is alive and well on the BBC, I wonder how many people realise that?

    The first comment that you quote at 4 on Have Your Say, has been removed, do you think it's because it mentions the word immigration, which at all costs the GBP must be protected from until it's been completely overwhelmed!

  • Comment number 13.


    Yo Celtic. I could not help noticing you have chosen a designation whose acronym is APE (Applied Planetary Engineering). Might I take this as an acceptance that Planet Earth will be fine when the (nominal) hierarchy of species terminates at the Ape (as opposed to the Ape Confused By Language - ACBL - note the chaotic form)?

    Do acronyms arise spontaneously from the underlying intent - The Force?

    Incidentally - You used to be King Celtic Lion. you dropped the 'King.
    Was that a subliminal realisation of its neo-linguistic technology?

    I have decided to live until the apocalypse, and then 'go in style' with the other 6 billion - a sort of super Viking Death. What are your plans?

    Barrie Singleton
    CAD (capricious ape descendent)

  • Comment number 14.

    #13 Barrie

    Applied Planetary Engineering arose if 2001 as part of the assessment of the FMD epidemic. Try a search for Celtic Lion FMD and read the conclusion.

    Trying to get away from the limited political approach to sustainable planetary management, and more to a practical objective methodology.

    Flooding is my most quoted example. Local authorities, police forces and the Government all knew years in advance of the 2007 event but decided to do nothing to prevent them. Nor could I get support from any organisation to take a planetary engineering approach to prevent them.

    Now the Government has reactively produced 'legislation' in response, to prevent flooding.

    When I signed up with Celtic Lion, it was not available and gave me the options of King Celtic Lion or Princess Celtic Lion. As I didn't have a suitable dress that day I clicked the former.

    Not being able to remember which email I had used when having to re register. I filled in user name as Celtic Lion as opposed to KCL, and my name as Roger Thomas. No subliminal stuff, just how things were presented to me.

    Celtic Lion

  • Comment number 15.


    Emergent Group Behaviour of politics, economics, the dominant media and those who follow is taking us into an Apocalypse.

    Perhaps a Viking way would not to accept an inevitable, but be a warrior, in the proper sense.

    Celtic Lion will endeavour to prevent an inevitable. Anyone wanting to be part of the project is welcome.

    Celtic Lion

  • Comment number 16.

    #10 RT

    Wondered if you'd spot that one. Whilst it's not altogether unknown for me to stand up and make an a*** of myself in front of an audience, it isn't a routine part of my life.

    Been too busy to follow up all recent links and posts on environment/climate change and your website info. But even with my little understanding to back up the fears, the facts and the actions, I sometimes question if perhaps the truth is that mankind was only ever supposed to be for a time and season on an earth that will continue and support different forms of life after we have become extinct.

    Yet I cannot get away from the fact that man has supposedly an intelligence that SHOULD be able to prevent impending doom. So why, especially those of us with descendants, who we hope will have descendants (ad infinitum) I have always for the sake of argument thought ‘Why take the chance......’

    Watching iplayer of Tuesdays (I think) NN, I tried to get a handle on the hybrid car and rare Earth metals. Not even going down the road of who owns them and what the economic significance is yet.

    Perhaps totally over simplistic, but when I see conflicting reports on future energy sources and technologies I see two main options:

    - The first and most painful is that surely we (humankind) have got to stop raping and pillaging the planet for the sake of more and more short term gratification.

    - Secondly in terms of energy (other resources are also at risk) we must surely look at wave technology, especially as we are surrounded by the sea and sure as the Sun and moon rotate in the sky, so the tides ebb and flow twice every day.

    I know (not into the detail) that supplying the technologies can require high standard (fossil fuel generated) energy output. Like bio fuels, that have largely been a joke (an economic one?)costing more fossil fuels to install and produce such fuels than is saved?

    I’ll end this rant, having just been to inspect damage at my client site, with:-

    After another 24 hours of persistent rain, the sea breaking over the front in Stonehaven (again) flooding in SW Scotland and NW England, I think we are suffering from Global wetting. What the ?????? gives?

    p.s. RT

    Left something on your website last night.

  • Comment number 17.


    Nothing left on my site. Have been in the dashboard today.

    Try again.

    What the ????? gives?

    In ecology the CCF, cybernetic control function has moved, some call it strange attractor.

  • Comment number 18.

    MAN (#16)

    "Yet I cannot get away from the fact that man has supposedly an intelligence that SHOULD be able to prevent impending doom."

    Man the inventor (clever) invented the car. Man the inventor invented brakes. Men die in cars for want of braking. Man is short of wisdom and the taboos, that (perhaps) once constrained cleverness, no longer work.



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