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  • 19 Nov 07, 11:08 AM

Today's programme editor is Robert Morgan - here's his early e-mail to the programme team:

Burma protests
Good morning,

Quite a bit around today. There's Northern Rock, Brown's climate change speech and incapacity benefit.


The people of Burma and their supporters have great expections for two meetings taking place among world leaders to day - the meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Brussels and the meeting of the South East Asian regional powers, ASEAN in Singapore. But will there be any real action against the Burmese Government? Six weeks after the military brutally cracked down a peaceful protest, Sue Lloyd-Roberts has been undercover into the country to test the mood there.

Should we do interviews off the back of the film?

What else should we cover?

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  • 1.
  • At 12:49 PM on 19 Nov 2007,
  • Bob Goodall wrote:

Dear Newsnight

It may occur to Russia that she is being encircled by America on every side.

(If) it comes to this conclusion is there any possibility that Russia may strengthen or formalise its military ties with Teheran on the grounds of choosing the defend their country there rather than on their own soil?

Bit like our idea of defending Washington and London on the Rhine.

If Putin decides that America might risk facing Russian missiles over Iran but not Russian fighter planes, in one move he could completely turn the tables on Bush and stop the continued destabilisation of the region?

Does Newsnight think this might be on the cards and could you ask the Russian ambassador in London if this is a possibility please?

Best wishes

What's wrong with having an interview off the back of a film? Do! Also wondered if you could cover OPEC being urged to end the use of the US$, particularly as President Ahmadinejad is visiting Hugo Chavez today.

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  • At 06:49 PM on 19 Nov 2007,
  • Pauline Campbell wrote:

What else should you cover?

Well, not necessarily tonight, but sometime soon Newsnight should consider taking another look at the crisis in our prisons:

"Q & A: Crisis in prisons"
"Top judge attacks sentencing laws"

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  • At 10:49 PM on 19 Nov 2007,
  • rob fenwick wrote:

The Tory spokesman tonight suggests that the governmemt`s decisions over Northern Rock may cost me as a tax payer £900.I currently have a house on the market and if these decisions save me a loss of,say ,£10,00, I`d happily write a cheque now.No brainer or what?

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