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Cathay Craftz diary – 5 February

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  • 5 Feb 07, 04:41 PM

kathy_203.jpgAs Principal of Manchester Academy, I’m no pushover for an easy sell. Cathay Craftz made their pitch to me last Friday. It was witnessed by two visitors from the BBC who are working with some Year 8 students on a project called “School Report Broadcast Day”.

I got the feeling that colleagues from the BBC thought I was a bit hard but I’ve watched Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice so I think my interrogation of the Cathay Craftz directors was entirely fair and reasonable! They did such a good job with their pitch that I placed an order for table decorations for the United Learning Trust Annual Conference.

The Make Your Mark with a Tenner challenge has been embarked upon as part of the Academy’s “Enterprise for Employability” strategy better known as E4E@MA. This strategy aims to develop the enterprise skills needed for the future. The success of previous E4E projects such as “Enterprise Week”, “Hospitality and Catering Competition”, “Armed Forces Skills Challenge Days” and the “Sport and Leisure Enterprise Competition” have resulted in the focused entrepreneurship which everybody has seen in our Cathay Craftz directors.

The E4E activities range across every year group and ability as good academic results on their own are not enough for the future.

One of our business supporters, Tom Bloxham, CEO of Urban Splash, wrote “Manchester Academy has budding entrepreneurs amongst its students and the introduction of E4E enables them to nurture their aspirations and turn their dreams into a reality.”

It would be wonderful if Cathay Craftz were to win the Make Your Mark with a Tenner challenge but it is the learning journey rather than the destination which will help them the most.

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