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Science Student - Stephen Smith

Science student films

  • Stephen Smith
  • 19 Dec 06, 06:31 PM

steve203.jpgApparently there's been a clamour for my science films and complaints they're none to easy to track down. So for the hard of Googling here is the Newsnight Science Student back catalogue so far.

Science Student film one

Science Student film two

A Level coursework

Disappointingly meagre so far, isn't it?

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  • 1.
  • At 09:29 AM on 10 Jan 2007,
  • Semantics wrote:

"None to easy to track down"

Illiteracy or gross negligence? Equally culpable in my view. I no watt I right is write because I yews Spellchecker!!

I did find the films and other topics none too easy to track down. Eventually I saw "Feeds" at the bottom of a Science Student page and can now depress myself with the developing picture of the parlous state of education in general, and physics in particular, whenever I wish.

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