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FAQ - All you need to know about applying for the NCA 2014

We've noticed a few common questions popping up in our inbox and on our Twitter feed about how to apply for the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2014. Here’s all you need to know!

"Can my audio entry be longer than five minutes?"

No. Please submit five minute tracks only. As per our terms and conditions, 'recordings of routines longer than five minutes will be disqualified'.

"Does it have to be on SoundCloud? Can I not just upload to YouTube?”

Yes. Your audio must be uploaded to SoundCloud and set as ‘downloadable’ to allow us to assess your submission, without it your application could be disqualified. Please refer to our SoundCloud guide to get you started.

"Is the absolute deadline for entries absolutely the 7th July?”

Yes – Late applications will not be accepted.

"Does my entry have to be recorded in front of a live audience?"

No, you can record your audio where ever you want, in front of whoever you want. It just needs to audible, five minutes long and with us by the 7th July 2014.

"Can I send in a sketch? I've got a YouTube video skit that I could just use the audio from, right?"

This is a stand-up competition - we're looking for stand-up that works on the radio, so presenting yourself as a sketch act is going to make your entry appear weaker than others. It may count against you when we listen to all of the entries.

We do allow double acts and character acts – but you should be performing stand-up material, rather than a funny scene.

Have another question? Send it to us on Twitter @bbcnewcomedy14

Good luck!


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