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What now? The final 100 compete across the UK

Lianne Coop | 17:23 UK time, Wednesday, 20 April 2011

We’ve been very quiet for the last few weeks – sorry.  We’ve had our earphones permanently stuck to our heads! After listening to more than 50 hours of stand-up comedy twice (and in some cases, thrice) we’ve finally confirmed our heats line up. I have been absolutely blown away by the standard of entries – let me say now a huge thank you to everyone who applied, and really well done.

Quite a few questions have come through via Twitter, Facebook and email - I’ll try and answer a few of them here.

Am I through to the heats? We’ve phoned (and emailed) almost everybody who has made it through to the heats. There are still a handful of phone calls to make, but if you haven’t heard from us by Thursday night, then I’m afraid that you haven’t made it through to the heats. 

Who has made the heats? We’ve chosen 100 heats contestants from over 600 people who applied.  If you want to know who got through, we’ll publish a list of all our heats contestants soon! 

Can I get some feedback? I’m afraid not. While we’d love to get in touch with everybody individually, we just don’t have the resources to provide individual feedback! I will try and write a separate blog post soon with some general points and observations from the judging process. 

Can I come to the heats? Tickets have been available for the last week (http://bbc.in/nca-heats) and most of our heats are now fully booked! Last I checked, there were still a few tickets left for the Newcastle and Cardiff heats…

What happens now? We hit the road. The first heats (in London) are less than a week away, and over the next month we’ll be in Brighton, Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester and Belfast! The winners of each of those heats will make it through to the semi-finals which will be broadcast on Radio 2. (The runners-up will go up against each other in an online vote after the last of the heats – they will need your support so do keep up to date with us.)

You’ll be able to watch video highlights of every heat here on the website, and Steve Wright will be featuring the best (and worst!) of every heat on his show. And now that we’ve finally finished the listening process, you can expect us to be tweeting, facebook-posting, blogging and more as we make our way across the UK. 

Thank you again to all of those who applied this year. And for those who didn’t make it this – keep gigging, honing your act and gaining experience. If we’ve left any questions unanswered, please email, tweet, or leave a comment below.  

Lianne Coop is the producer of the BBC Radio 2 New Comedy Award 2011


  • Comment number 1.

    Thanks for letting us know, im relieved as i can now use those jokes i guarded so secretly for this, for my comedy sketches, to be honest im more of a sketch show comedien and was out of my depth with stand up, but i enjoyed the whole experience and entering your comp, thanks for listening to my entry and all the best to everyone who got through. Alas i cannot attend the heat on 26th due to being on the dole and an out of work actress so im sorry as my train ticket from costs more than ive had cocks on old macdonalds farm, so someone else can take my place if they want to go to the event on 26th. Thanks again and God bless. clare
    www.youtube.com/yoginiclare. x


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