Unsprung, your autumnal videos...and conkers

Monday 8 October 2012, 10:32

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games Presenter

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Well, the leaves are starting to turn - the first signs of autumn are upon us and in just a few weeks we'll be "live" from the wonderful Scottish Highlands at our new base, Aigas.

Back at Bristol HQ we're busy preparing - currently discussing important questions like "do squirrels eat conkers?" - er....we're not actually sure just yet!

As ever we love seeing your superb pictures on the Flickr site. We're also fascinated by videos of British wildlife, particularly because you sometimes show us things we would never normally see - really astonishing behaviour.

This year we'd like to spread the net a little wider - so as well as your own videos we'd also love to know about any other wildlife clips you may have enjoyed recently, think "Youtube", "Vimeo", "Facebook" etc.

So if you have been browsing the web and discovered something fascinating, funny, dramatic or really intriguing to do with wildlife, please send us a link as a reply below or share them on our Facebook group, on Flickr, on Twitter @BBCAutumnwatch or just email us a link.

We have big plans for our one "Unsprung" - hoping to make it something of a grand finale to this year's "Autumnwatch" - we're going to need your help on that one so stand by!

So...what does eat conkers?.....

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    Comment number 1.

    Here's a video I took on Saturday in Dorset (from up my favourite tree!) which shows a very pretty young sika deer - nothing odd there except she's completely WHITE. Love the sounds of the sika stags in the background too! www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tgUldck2m0

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    Comment number 2.

    Hello Autumnwatch and Martin. Looking forward to your series, although they are few. Now why is there just one Unsprung??? That's not fair! We all enjoy the banter and all the information gathered by the viewers and your comments on them. There is no such programm like it! It's a shame missing out on more. I'm writing this from The Netherlands where you've got quite a big audience! Please more Unsprung next time!!

    Love, Littlewatervole

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    Comment number 3.

    Well said Little Watervole...but I'm not going to complain on here...done enough of that over on t'other blog.

    Can't wait to see the delights that Aigas has to offer. Have been hearing some great comments about the location you've chosen....

    We do love Unsprung Martin......only so much you can cover in half an hour tho' !
    Not sure the conker dilemma can be sorted in such a short time but who knows....... us Watchers are a clever lot :-)

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    Comment number 4.

    Hello Martin, i thought you might like this, i found a bummblebee that looked dead and was going to just move it off the path when i noticed its leg move, and as i had seen something on youtube a while back about someone reviving a bee with some sugar water, i tried with some runny honey, and it worked great. I had my phone on me so decided to video it and you can really see how it recovered.
    I know you shouldn`t feed honey to a honey bee, but as it was a bumblebee it shouldn`t harm any colonys.
    Shame i missed it taking off after, but guess bumblebees are camera shy.

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    Comment number 5.

    Fantastic clip Mad Mark....thanks for sharing.
    Like you I've heard about bee revival but never actually seen it in action...well done you :-)
    Nice camera work too !


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