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Tuesday 4 June 2013, 12:59

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Guest blogger: Charlie Phillips, Whale and Dolphin Conservation

After an extremely quiet winter for spotting anything with a dorsal fin in this part of the Inner Moray Firth, at long last the spring run of migratory salmon has started, meaning that I am now getting some reasonable sightings of their main predator here at this time of year – the resident bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphins: having fun Dolphins having fun by Charlie Phillips/Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Although I study and photograph these big, intelligent predators throughout the year, I pay particular attention to six of the dolphins as part of WDC's adoption programme.

One by one they are turning up at their regular haunts such as Chanonry Point and the Kessock Channel near Inverness, letting me see that they have come through the long winter period unscathed.

Dolphins: Moonlight and Lunar Moonlight and Lunar by Charlie Phillips/Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Sundance, Kesslet, Mischief, Moonlight are all present and correct and have been photographed by me. My researcher friends at Aberdeen University Lighthouse Field Station have photographed Spirit in the waters around Cromarty. This only leaves one of 'my' dolphins unaccounted for at the moment, Rainbow, a lovely female who had a baby last summer. Hopefully she will arrive with her offspring before too long and put my mind at ease.

More about whales and Dolphins on the WDC website.


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    Comment number 1.

    the perant just came in to find the bule tit chicks and the other chicks stood on top of the other chick thati ma owrryed azbou. it is alived but i think there is still something worng with it plase help

    Adam Conory a concernd bird lover

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    Comment number 2.

    We visited Chanonry Point (near Fortrose, Black Isle, north of Inverness, for anyone who hasn't been) in July of 2008 after seeing Simon King's springwatch film about the dolphins there. It was amazing being able to be so close to dolphins while still on land ourselves: they swim only a few metres away from the spit of land there so you get stunning views of them. We have been dolphin-watching in various parts of the UK but that was easily the best place we have found. A truly magical experience!

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    Comment number 3.

    I love dolphins and i know everything about them.
    I asked for 2 years in a row for springwatch to feature dolphins and those 3 minutes if my life today was the best dolphin preveiw on tv ever! I live in the north east of scotland so i see many dolphins all the time and they always put a smile on my face :) I also adopted a dolphin from Wales in cardigan and smoothy (the dolphin) is so cute and amazing! Thank you so much springwatch for making my day! I

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    Comment number 4.

    Hi,I worked for Aberdeen Harbour for a number years and latterly on the Pilopt Cutter before retiring,,see the Dolphins a lot,,used to see them with young ones and at the end of the `N`Pier there seemed to be a "creche" area,,they would arrive with there young ones then seemed to leave them at the "creche" area,,adults disappear for the day then come back later on,,i dont anything bout there breeding/parental habits etc but would be interesting if anyone else has seen anything like this,,,

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    Comment number 5.


    I have seen what i would also discribe as a creche areas a couple of times, for a while they seamed to use the area directly outside the roundhouse with one adult and 4 or 5 calfs, also at montrose they used to use a buoy about a mile offshore. The wonderful thing was when they seamed to know the hunt was over then the adults and young would dash together and seam to spend a time leaping about and generally having fun.

    I must admit I have not seen this for many years.

    All the best



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