The Story of the Springwatch Clash Volume 1 - Springwatch 2013


The Clash . I'll never forget them running out onto the stage on their 'White Riot' tour at the Bournemouth Winter Gardens in November '77 . What followed was simply awesome . Rip-roaring full on hard in the face punk rock . Two minute manic Telecaster thrashed tunes spat super fast by Strummer , Jones , Simonon and Headon . Buying the first album in Woolworths had been a life changer and after the sweat dried I bought a ticket for the Southampton gig four days later . And I kept going to as many of their shows as I could and I never saw a bad one . Yes , they posed and postured , yes their politics were confused and ultimately yes , they put the pompous into punk rock but their discography is a legendary catalogue of some of that eras greatest tunes . To have seen them , been crushed , pushed , punched and pogo-ed in the riotous frenzy was a privilege I'll cherish forever . At the Top Rank gig Jones reached down and handed me the plectrum he had just strummed 'Garageland' with . Its going in the box with me .

The opening gambit was prompted by the horrid weather right at the top of the show 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' ? I stayed because in wildlife terms it was 'Hitsville UK' and you couldn’t 'Deny' that as our montage of pin-up species showed . The woods at Ynis Hir had all been bugged and were under 'Remote Control' . and the behaviour of our rogue Jackdaws could be seen as 'Hateful' if you had been watching for the last '48 Hours' . The 'State of Nature' report was 'The Call Up' for conservationist to get their acts in order and I wondered if there were 'Career Opportunities' for me at the Met' Office after my explanation of the jet streams unfortunate influence upon our spring weather . Our amorous garden snails were involved in 'Drug Stabbing Time' as they laced their gypsobelem with bio-active chemicals to improve their chances of fertilisation . Nine down , plenty to go . . .

The vile weather was not under 'Complete Control' at the start of programme two either but I felt that our bullied baby Jackdaws had 'The Right Profile' to survive their aggressors . And we at Springwatch are not 'Cheapskates' when it comes to shelling out for bait in the Rodentorium . I hoped 'The Magnificent Seven' Water Rails eggs would hatch , felt that at least some viewers would like to see the Dunnock savaging Weasel sent 'Straight to Hell' as 'Somebody Got Murdered' and warned that 'Lightning Strikes Not Once but Twice' when it came to the potential predation of our Reed Buntings . Last year our young Barn Owls had enjoyed 'Groovy Times' in their nest and that brought the total to seventeen .

At the beginning of programme three it was all like a game of 'Police and Thieves' in our Jackdaws nest and a little later fledging was a case of 'Death or Glory' for our Reed Bunting chicks . The interior of that Jackdaws nest was a 'Shepherds Delight' with all the wool they had pilfered as a lining , local legend has it that the promontory at the end of the reserve is called 'Lovers Rock' , Moles 'Stay Free' of predation by remaining underground all of their lives and I suggested 'Lets Go Crazy' counting Kestrels for our survey . Six , bringing the total to twenty three .

To end the week the welcome sunshine provided a chance for an 'Atom Tan' , I named our runty Great Tit 'Rudi' because 'Rudi Cant Fail' , the continued friction in the Jackdaws nest amounted to 'Hate and War' and it would be difficult for our parent birds to 'Clampdown' on this as they were busy feeding their chicks. It was actually true that we had received a report in our Kestrels Count survey from America so I implored people to 'not stay indoors thinking 'Im So Bored . . . With The USA' involved we should make a real effort to count Kestrels . The Grasshopper Warblers have made a comeback thanks in part to their 'Safe European Home' and we went over to Iolo Williams 'One More Time' to hear about Hen Harriers . Which are so badly persecuted in some parts of the UK that they might be 'Lost . In the Supermarket' of their prey our Meadow Pipits are always on the shopping list . Thirty one . . . but these were some of the easier ones !


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