Coming up on Winterwatch - your tips-offs and sightings this winter please

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We come to the end of Autumnwatch and here in the Highlands we've already had the first flurries of snow and the animals are preparing for winter.

We'll be back with Winterwatch in January for 4 more live shows and we'd love to hear how the onset of winter is affecting the wildlife near you.

So if you could keep your cameras and phones handy when you are out and about. And if you spot something interesting, please let us know.

For photos, please either share them with thousands of others on the official Autumnwatch Flickr Group.

If you've captured some amazing video, please upload it to your video site of choice - YouTube, Vimeo, Google etc, and post us a link below.

Or if you have just have a question or comment about how winter is affecting wildlife around you, please post a Reply below or drop us an email to .

Thanks in advance!


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