Unsprung, your autumnal videos...and conkers


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Well, the leaves are starting to turn - the first signs of autumn are upon us and in just a few weeks we'll be "live" from the wonderful Scottish Highlands at our new base, Aigas.

Back at Bristol HQ we're busy preparing - currently discussing important questions like "do squirrels eat conkers?" - er....we're not actually sure just yet!

As ever we love seeing your superb pictures on the Flickr site. We're also fascinated by videos of British wildlife, particularly because you sometimes show us things we would never normally see - really astonishing behaviour.

This year we'd like to spread the net a little wider - so as well as your own videos we'd also love to know about any other wildlife clips you may have enjoyed recently, think "Youtube", "Vimeo", "Facebook" etc.

So if you have been browsing the web and discovered something fascinating, funny, dramatic or really intriguing to do with wildlife, please send us a link as a reply below or share them on our Facebook group, on Flickr, on Twitter @BBCAutumnwatch or just email us a link.
We have big plans for our one "Unsprung" - hoping to make it something of a grand finale to this year's "Autumnwatch" - we're going to need your help on that one so stand by!

So...what does eat conkers?.....

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