2012 really has been a wet one! The last few weeks have brought more flooding and misery to many people across the country. What we want to know is how the wildlife has been affected.

Have you seen wild animals stranded by rising water, or flooded out of their dens and burrows? Some creatures thrive in a watery landscape – perhaps you’ve seen ducks and geese having a heyday in flooded areas?

Harvest Mouse by Andrew Haynes

We’d love to see your photos or film footage of wildlife struggling to survive or conversely in its element because of the flooding and high water levels. Please send your images or links with details of when and where you took them to winterwatch@bbc.co.uk, or share them on the Winterwatch Flickr Group and maybe they’ll end up in our wildlife news story.

Winterwatch is back live from the Highlands of Scotland on BBC2 from January 14th to Thursday 17th January 2013.


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  • Comment number 2. Posted by Paul Deane

    on 18 Dec 2012 12:17

    It's increasingly common to see little egrets inland we understand. Good work on your bird feeders, just been watching a nuthatch on mine.

  • Comment number 1. Posted by mamhead_olly

    on 17 Dec 2012 15:40

    We have a little Egret that has come inland by apx 3 miles (is this usual?) it is currently digging out worms etc from where the cattle have churned up the ground around there feeder. We also are fortunate to have a flourishing blue tit, coal tit, starling mob visiting our feeders numbering apx 10 per type, and also two very inquisitive crested wood peckers. The feeding is at it's ighest directly after the rain has stopped, and starts before first light by a pair of black birds. We are currently feeding a lot of lose peantuts which dissapear by the pound and is a beaytiful sight to see.... LONG REIGN THE BRITISH GARDEN BIRD!

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