Winterwatch web show - 9-30pm Monday

Web Producer

With snow falling across much of the UK, the timing is perfect for Winterwatch! Although at time of writing, where we are in the Highlands we've not seen the snow yet...

So the webcams are going live from 5pm today, the main show on BBC2 at 8-30pm, but we thought we'd try something new for Winterwatch.

Introducing Winterwatch Extra. Simply head on over to the webcams as the main show finishes on BBC2 (9-30pm tonight) and join Scottish outdoors expert Euan Mcilwraith and guests.

We don't really know where Euan will be taking us – but we'll have webcams, beavers on ice, waxwing shopping preferences, quizzes, chat and anything else you'd like to see.

Drop you ideas and questions below and hope to see you at 9-30pm.


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