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Fancy joining us for a wildlife pub quiz? We’ve been putting our heads together to think about “unsprung” on the last day of Autumnwatch…  (Friday2nd Nov) and have decided to let our hair down, turn the studio into a pub and settle down – with you – for our very own “Autumnwatch Unsprung pub quiz and lock in”… Complete with cocktails and exotic barmaids (level headed Jo of course…)

Here’s the twist – not only can you join in at home – (either by shouting answers at the telly – or were hoping to have a downloadable question sheet) but – we’d love it if YOU could set the majority of the quiz questions.

Think - who, what, where, when, odd one out, what happened next, mystery objects, photo quizzes, sound quizzes etc etc.

So if you, or perhaps a group of you, fancy becoming our quiz setters for the night and can come up with intriguing questions for our teams (and the entire nation) - drop us your question by email to autumnwatch@bbc.co.uk – we’ll use your them to drive the “Unsprung Pub Quiz”.


UPDATE: We've had a problem with our email between 11th - 19th October. If you did try to contact us during that period we'd really appreciate it if you re-sent the email.

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