Well, that was Winterwatch, what did you think?

Web Producer

Firstly, we are deeply indebted to everyone who's been posting comments on blogs, answering questions on Facebook & Twitter and to everyone who's shared their stunning photos on Flickr.  We've tried to keep up with you - the team in the truck here have been working 24hrs a day, but we're working on a sketchy internet connection, in the back of a truck, up a mountain. A massive thank you for your tolerance if we've not managed to reply to you. 

This was our first live Winterwatch. We passionately wanted to capture the challenges facing our wildlife in winter in the UK, as well as its beauty. You could spend your life in the Highlands and never see a pine marten - we're proud and privileged to have been able to observe this creatures lives. We had a similar aim with the beaver project here at Aigas.  

We tried to cover the a wide range of subject in the pre-recorded films, such as the grey seal diaries, reindeer, flooding, waxwing and peregrine features. We hope we did them justice.

We'll be back for Springwatch, and as ever we'd love your comments on our first live Winterwatch. 

We've had a fantastic time and its be great to share this week with you. Please continue to enjoy, and look after, our amazing wildlife till we're back in spring. Our colleagues at BBC Nature continue all year round with news, features, videos.

Thanks in advance on behalf of all the Winterwatch Team


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