BBC Nature have live webcams for the Garden Birdwatch this weekend

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There are live BBC webcams and chat during the Big Garden Birdwatch - from 8am to 4-40pm (UK time) on both Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 January.

There will be hints, tips, identification guides and useful links on both days to help you take part as well as a discussion about what everyone has been seeing. To Jjoin the conversation you can tweet the @BBCNature team and join them on Facebook BBC Nature. You can also add your photos to the BBC Winterwatch Flickr group (

To can take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey here visit the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch site and the BBC Nature Live webcams start at 8am Saturday morning.


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  • Comment number 2. Posted by norma666

    on 20 Feb 2013 11:16

    Saw the strangest thing yesterday, and hope I am in the right place to ask about it.
    A blackbird flew smack into the patio doors; by the time I got the door open and got outside, the bird was virtually squashed underneath ...a pigeon, which took off as I approached clutching the squawking blackbird in it's beak! Tried to follow it down the garden, but lost it behind greenhouses, until I saw it take off again, still clutching the blackbird which was still shouting. DEFINITELY a pigeon. Has anyone else seen anything like this behaviour?
    Is it possible to ask Chris Packham, or some other expert, directly?

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    on 7 Feb 2013 05:01

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