The Story of the Springwatch Clash Volume 2 - Springwatch 2013


(See Volume 1)

Week two and Great Spotted Woodpeckers had been drumming like a 'Tommy Gun' on my nest boxes , the music on our weekend round-up was a bit too 'Jimmy Jazz' for me , I'd have preferred a 'Rebel Waltz' . 'Look Here' at an Australian Flatworm , new to science , discovered by a participant of our Bioblitz and despite the sad loss of our young Buzzard I said 'I'm Not Down' because in reality its all part of the cycle of life . Five , thirty six .

Wrens blast their song out with all the fury of 'Clash City Rockers' , the pronunciation of Chough from 'chow' to 'chuff' was first noted in 1643 at the time of the 'English Civil War' , the Great Spotted Woodpecker had broken into a viewers nestbox with all the panache of a 'Bankrobber' and our tuffty headed Meadow Pipit Family certainly deserved the title of 'All the Young Punks' . Only four in programme two , sorry , total up to forty .

'Life is Wild' I told Micheala whilst describing the vicious antics of our Jackdaw intruders , our nestful of meadow Pipits had to gape to remain 'Cool Under Heat' and a Weasel which had predated a viewers nestbox was justifiably 'The Equaliser' as it was balancing out prey and predators in the ecosystem . The beautiful Grass snake emerging from the compost heap was as polished and shiny as a 'Brand New Cadillac' . Forty four .

Programme eight . . . if they had evolved to be camouflaged then Water Rail chicks might be 'Koka Kola' coloured and when it comes to a Grass Snake attack our fleeing Meadow Pipit youngsters needed to 'Play to Win' by scattering from their nest . A man was running for a 'Train . In Vain' because he missed it but saw a Kestrel which he reported to our Kestrels Count Survey . Another fellow tweeted me suggesting that we post snipers to scare off the Jackdaw intruders , but of course , 'Guns on the Roof' wouldn’t be an answer as I'd have 'Police on my Back' if I organised that . In our fledging frenzy it may be that our Redstarts are the 'Last Gang in Town' . Fifty with four programmes to go . A bit worried about 'Julies Been Working for the Drugs Squad' and 'Whiteman in the Hammersmith Palais' tho' !


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