Camera trapping in the New Forest

Guest blogger: David Oakley, The Mammal Society

Camera trapping provides a non-invasive insight into the animal world that was previously reserved for scientists, species experts or dedicated naturalists.

Camera traps are becoming ever more popular and affordable so we can all now enjoy a glimpse into this realm. All you need is a camera trap and somewhere to put it. Find out what is using your back garden when you are not there or maybe your local nature reserve.

Roe deer caught on camera by David Oakley

I have been camera trapping at a site in the New Forest for a few years now and still look forward to seeing what my cameras have captured. It is always enjoyable to see the resident clan of badgers or local foxes, both of which have cubs at this time of year. Being in the New Forest many roe, fallow and red deer regularly appear, however every now and then I also get a wonderful surprise such as a polecat.

Hare captured by David Oakley's camera trap

If possible, get hold of a camera and give it a go, it's great to find out what is out there. 

Please submit any mammal sightings to The Mammal Society for contribution to The National Mammal Atlas Project.


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