Spring memories


'Oh the barnyard is busy in a regular tizzie and the obvious reason is because of the season, Ma Nature's lyrical, with her yearly miracle, it's spring, spring, spring!' I just couldn't help myself from singing that as I drove down to Ynys-hir in mid-Wales yesterday (10 points for anyone who knew that the song was from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!) 

I've now arrived at the Springwatch production site, the people are buzzing and the birds are tweeting, in fact a lot of the people are also tweeting. There are so many signs around of a late spring. 

There are bluebells everywhere, showing off their fairy-like flowers. Makes me think of the Flower Fairies. How many of you remember them? Different fairies for every British flower. The bluebell one was a bit impish for my liking. As a little girl I preferred the prettier ones. 

After arriving yesterday I went for a run round the reserve. It was a great way to immerse myself in the beauty of the place. The sound really made me stop and listen. The cacophony of bird song. There's certainly no need to use an MP3 player when you've got the music of nature to listen to. It is after all, at long last spring.

All the creatures are twitterpating which should give us a mighty good Springwatch season (10 points to those of you who knew that twitterpating came from Bambi!)


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