As was to be expected after a day and night of strong westerly winds, migration is a little quiet on Wednesday.

Small numbers of finches continue to move and involve the usual suspects. Linnet, Goldfinch, Siskin, Chaffinch and Redpoll. The numbers are in the low tens, with the exception of Chaffinch that are moving through east coast sites in the low hundreds.

Waxwings continue to trickle into the country. The first 100+ flock has been seen on Orkney and smaller flocks are being found along the east coast. There are probably around 300-350 Waxwings in the country at present.

Small numbers of Swallow are still on the move. How much longer might we see them moving through migration watchpoints?

Whooper Swans don't seem to be arriving at the moment but that could change later Thursday and into today.

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