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Johnny Kingdom's Year with the Birds

Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 16:07 UK time, Friday, 26 November 2010

Autumnwatch might be over for another year but there's another great British wildlife show you'll enjoy. Johnny Kingdom, the wildman of the moors, is back with a new series where he spent a year recording the bird life in and around his home on his beloved Exmoor.

Johnny Kingdom

Chris and Kate showed a fabulous clip from it on last night's Autumnwatch. How many wrens can you fit in one nestbox? Johnny filmed an amazing 18 roosting in just one box. As Chris pointed out, they're maximizing their body temperatures as a collective unit.

nest box

Johnny filmed 18 wrens roosting in this nestbox

So tune into BBC Two on Saturday night at 7.30pm (England and Northern Ireland only) to see part one in which Johnny clears out bird boxes and sorts out his new remote cameras in preparation for the winter.



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