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Guess the birds quiz

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Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 10:49 UK time, Monday, 11 October 2010

Just for fun, see if you can tell us who is featuring in these cryptic captures...

Update: Once you've had a go, check out the answers here.

colourful wing

1. Iridescent appendage

quiz question 2 twisting bird

2. Twisting acrobat

Quiz question 3 - bird splashing

3. Down with a splash!

Quiz question 4 - reflection

4. Reflection

Quiz question 5 fluffed up feathers

5. Fluffed up

Quiz question 6 bird on water with body arched

6. Great contortions

Quiz question 7 bird busy burrowing in tree trunk

7. Busy burrowing

Quiz question 8 bird claw grasping at air

8. Grasping at thin air

Quiz question 9 bird twisting in mid air

9. Twist and dive

Let us know your guesses by commenting below. We'll post the answers on Friday.



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