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Autumnwatch team Flickr favourites - Week 3

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Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 14:47 UK time, Wednesday, 20 October 2010

There's been all sorts in the Autumnwatch photo group group this week from rare vagrants to stunning stags.

To show our appreciation for you sharing your wonderful photography with us, here's the latest edition of our team favourites.

We loved the colours across this beautiful shot. They really remind us of the spread of autumn.

This little owl was really popular when we tweeted him as photo of the day. We love his expression and the focus on his eyes is perfect.

It's so hard to choose between the fabulous stag photos that have been coming in, but this one stood out as a fantastic action shot. It really captures the impact of the rut.

The bright colour of these mushrooms give a warmth to the drab forest floor.

Everyone thought this was a stunning capture of silhouettes at sunrise. We feel it really gives atmosphere to the shot.

This is a fantastic find as you can see the lizard shedding its skin from the tail end. Alan must have been very observant to have noticed this and the photo perfectly demonstrates how good the lizards are at camouflaging themselves.

This is a great macro shot with good depth of field at what must have been a high shutter speed. It's not often you see such clear captures of such fast creatures. Wonderful!

The lighting in this capture shows how delicate the spider really is and allows us to see the vibrations he will be feeling for to catch his prey.

We just had to put in this action shot. With the dash of red fur and the white tipped tail, and just enough focus to make out this speedster, it's a brilliant portrayal of foxes in the wild. It also feels very familiar as they often are only seen in such fleeting glimpses.

So which are your favourites?

As ever please keep sharing your autumnal wildlife photography with us on the BBC Autumnwatch group where you can also get help with identifying species you've photographed or just discuss wildlife and wildlife photography with the Autumnwatch community.

Check back next week for the next installment of the team's favourites or for more beauties have a look at the team's favourites from last week.



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