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Early autumn Flickr favourites

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Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 10:50 UK time, Friday, 10 September 2010

Autumn is a time when leaves change colour and start to fall, trees and plants spread their seeds, and fungi and fruits really flourish. Animals stock up on fat reserves for the winter and the longer nights, or leave the country altogether for warmer climes; and other migrants pass through or arrive in the UK from the North. And let's not forget the arrival of Autumnwatch on our screens early next month!

The BBC Autumnwatch Flickr group is back and already filling up with your fabulous photos of autumnal wildlife. Here's a selection of our favourites from this week...

Autumn's a fruity season so birds, bugs and mammals will be gorging themselves on all manner of nuts and berries to stock up for cold nights, migration or hibernation. Check out our guide to some of the tastiest early autumn fruits. Look at the superb autumn colours in this shot.



Migrants such as these little egrets will currently be arriving in the south and east areas of the UK from the continent to spend the winter here. Bruce's image captures the grace of these birds so well.



Autumn weather can be gloomy. The longer nights encourage fog formation, bad news for early morning commuters but good news for photography, as demonstrated by Darrell Jordan.



Ladybirds are readying for their winter hibernation at the moment and can be found snuggling into hollow stems as Mark Johnson perfectly demonstrates here. They also like cracks underneath bark and leaf litter.



Autumn is breeding season for seals so keep an eye out for them, especially along the coasts of Scotland. They'll come ashore at their traditional breeding grounds, known as rookeries to mate and give birth to adorable pups. Here's a good guide to the best seal-watching spots in Britain. Ray's captured the seal's inquisitive nature beautifully here.

Find out about the grey seals of Britain with Chris and Kate in this clip from Springwatch last year.


Swallows and other migrants that have spent the summer here will be moving south in the coming weeks. This chap captured by David Gaskell will probably be heading to South Africa. The contrast of the soft background to the crisp barbed wire is exceptional.

Swallow at Skippool Creak by David Gaskell/Sleepy G


In the northern parts of Britain stoats will gradually moult from brown to white through the autumn to be camouflaged against the winter snow. This stonking stoat shot was captured just this week as he played hide and seek between the rocks in north-east Wales.


You might see butterflies out and about feasting on fruit to stock up on their reserves ready for hibernation. Butterfly wings are actually made up of fine scales as shown in this incredible close up by Iain Lawrie.



Our BBC Autumnwatch Flickr group is now up and running so add your photos from this autumn now. You can also get help identifying your mysterious garden visitors by posting your photos to the Bird and Bug ID discussions.

Check back with us here next week for our next instalment of Autumnwatch's Flickr favourites. In the meantime, tell us which of these stunners is your favourite.



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