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Friday Flickr Favourites

Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 12:45 UK time, Friday, 6 August 2010

Editor's note: Jeremy's away so researcher Ella Davies presents some of the team's favourite summer photos.

We've got so many fantastic photos coming in to the Nature UK Summerwatch Flickr group we're making a regular feature of them. Every Friday the Nature UK team will be picking their favourites so without further ado here's our inaugural Friday Flickr favourites.

Shapes in nature

We love the composition of Laurence Arnold's lizard capture, it really gives an impression of how flexible these animals are.

Lizard © Laurence Arnold

Lizard © Laurence Arnold

Of course we couldn't talk about flexibility without featuring Black Cat Photos' superb swan shot!

Swan © Black Cat Photos

Swan © Black Cat PhotosCreepy close ups

Edward Nurcombe's macro of a dragonfly exuvia (the exoskeleton left behind when the larva hatched) is incredibly evocative, are aliens already here on earth?!

Dragonfly Exuvia © Edward Nurcombe

Dragonfly Exuvia © Edward NurcombeThere's more disturbing detail in the form of this puss moth larva by Tristan Brawn.

Puss Moth Larva © Tristan Brawn

Puss Moth Larva © Tristan Brawn

The aww factor

Shaggy 2070s cute photo of a pale tussock moth proves insects aren't all icky.

Pale Tussock Moth © Shaggy2070

Pale Tussock Moth © Shaggy2070

There's more cuteness too from chirchirp31. Is this a loyal (dog)fox bringing the paper in or has this wily character pinched a copy for the commute?

Fox with paper © chirchirp31

Fox with paper © chirchirp31

Marine marvels

We've been celebrating the seaside all week on the site so Lee Crabtree's seal photo naturally caught our eye.

Seal © Lee Crabtree

Seal © Lee Crabtree

Next week we're looking further out to sea, James Moore is well ahead of us with this excellent capture of dolphins breaching at Chanonry Point in Scotland.

Dolphins breaching © James Moore

Dolphins breaching © James MooreWe're spoilt for choice picking these photos so thanks to everyone who's contributing to the group. Newcomers are very welcome whatever your level so please keep your photos coming in. Join us again next week for more favourites.

What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments.


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