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The Cure: From The Smiths to Robert

Chris Packham Chris Packham | 11:35 UK time, Friday, 25 June 2010

Whilst doing an interview a journalist asked if I'd drop a Cure song title for her. I did. It was 'A Forest'. But then I got carried away as usual and by the end of the first programme I had sewn four into the unscripted mix.

the-cure2.jpgI know that the titles are not in the main as enigmatic as The Smiths' poetic offerings but the band enjoyed a double cult following. Some of us bought the brilliant first single on Fiction Records, some of us still have that treasured 45, and others came on board with the second coming of the Goth/stadium part of the band's long and musically prosperous reign. Along the way they produced some wonderful music.

Some of their titles were always going to be a challenge to gently segue into Springwatch programmes, that challenge as before to do it without it either being obvious or incongruous or interrupting the flow of the show. 'Close To Me', 'Round And Round And Round', 'A Short Term Effect', 'Never Enough' and the like were easy. But I was lucky with 'Plastic Passion' with the bustard decoys and it was a pity that nothing cropped up which permitted 'The Lovecats', 'Love Song' or 'A Japanese Dream'.

Kate did a couple for me one night - 'Why Can't I Be You' and 'To Wish Impossible Things' - but also helped with the two most satisfying scores. 'Killing An Arab' was the one for which she fed me the 'killing' when we were talking about flies and Martin lined up a 'three' to seed the 'imaginary' from me and 'boys' from Kate when we were discussing the end of the Twitch-Off. My '10.15 Saturday Night' was a bit misplaced and 'Fire in Cairo' presumably surreal, as was 'Bananafishbones' and splitting 'Friday' and 'I'm in Love' over a sentence hopefully didn't jar too much.

Obviously many Cure titles are 'one-worders' and therefore not fair game. These would be too easy or too ambiguous. Indeed, I'm sure many quite accidentally found their way into our random ramblings. But none were intended as were the following 34 deliberate ones...

Programme 1:
A Forest
The Baby Screams
Boys Dont Cry
Bird Mad Girl

Programme 2:
Never Enough
The Caterpillar
The Upstairs Room

Programme 3:
Hot, Hot, Hot
Plastic Passion

Programme 4:
10-15 Saturday Night

Programme 5:
Round And Round and Round
Why Cant I Be You (Kate)
To Wish Impossible Things (Kate)

Programme 6:
More Than This
Just Like Heaven

Programme 7:
Seventeen Seconds
The Hanging Garden

Programme 8:
Short Term Effect
Close to Me

Programme 9:
Friday I'm In Love
Lets Go to Bed
How Beautiful You Are
Jumping Someone Else's Train

Programme 10:
The Walk
In Between Days

Programme 11:
Killing An Arab

Programme 12:
A Night Like This
Charlotte Sometimes
Fire In Cairo
You're So Happy
Three Imaginary Boys



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