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Your Pub Quiz questions please!

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 12:55 UK time, Friday, 21 May 2010

Slightly scary day yesterday dropping off the Avon Gorge (here in Bristol) with some bird-mad climbers to help ring some firece little peregrine chicks. We knew the chicks were right at the back of a bramble-filled cave on the cliff face but once we got to the nest there was a big surprise in store for us all.

We hope to show you what happened in the first week of Springwatch. On Tuesday 1 June we will have the very first Springwatch Pub Quiz which you can play along at home if you like.

Chris and Simon will be your Quizmasters but we'd like to turn the tables on them at the end and give them one of YOUR questions to "beat the geek"! So if you would like to join in can we have a (hard as you like!) question from you (British wildlife only please) with THREE possible answers, one of which is right. Ladies and gentlemen, put your thinking caps on and post the questions below!

Update 31 May: Can you help? We have already had some excellent ideas for the "beat the geek" section of the Springwatch pub quiz that we will be running on Tuesdays (thank you particularly Longhairedgit and Nicola Main) BUT...We used up the best during rehearsals last week and now we need more! So if you can think of a tough question (with three possible answers) to really challenge Chris and Simon do please let us know. Thank you, Martin.



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