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Springwatch team's Flickr Favourites

Jeremy Torrance web producer Jeremy Torrance web producer | 14:59 UK time, Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Springwatch team has finally arrived in Norfolk and we're all bedding in to our new home. Martin and the Unsprung crew are scouring the Springwatch Flickr group for your photos to use in the Springwatch Photo Club which airs for the first time next Wednesday. So please keep adding your best spring snaps! In the meantime, our web researcher Sam's been asking the team for their favourites from the last few weeks.

TV producer Holly was first to spot this satiny shot but Martin refused to choose differently once he'd seen it, saying that this image represented everything Photo Club is about. He says photography is a real fieldcraft and being in the right place at the right time takes some knack. He thought this picture was fantastic and loved the symmetry in the composition. Well done Christopher for being our first double favourite!

Black headed gull © Christopher Hoyle black headed gull by christopher hoyle

Our Management Menagerie chose this fantastic vibrant butterfly image. They love the bright colours.

Red butterfly © Chris Wood  red butterfly by chris wood

TV researchers Ruth and Lucy picked these sandwich terns as their favourite this week. Ruth is off filming them in Norfolk at the moment and says there were 3,100 on Blakeney Point last year!

Sandwich terns © Janet Laing / Inzievar sandwich terns by Janet Laing

Level-headed Joe chose this unique image which she said was just brilliant. What a geezer!

Starling & copy; Jenny Jones  starling by jenny jones

This sneaky peregrine capture caught TV producer Hannah's eye. She recently had a big success filming peregrine chicks being ringed. Look out for her film on this year's Springwatch!

Peregrine falcon © Ian Cook peregrine by ian cook

Series producer Roger wrote: "A common bird but a real character. The jackdaw is a personal favourite of mine and is beautifully captured in this photograph."

"Darth raven" © Jill McKay / Shooting Shutter 1   gothic jackdw by Jill McKay

Simon's Squad say they are all about action shots and will be talking about African migrants in Springwatch this year.

Swallow © Alan Crofts / Bmpmac   swallow by Alan Crofts

Executive producer Tim Scoones said: "This is one of my all time favourite birds - how wonderful to see so many all together!"

Long tailed tits © Pippa Allen long tailed tits by Pippa Allen

And last but not least, we Webbies loved this cocoon by Dominic Greves. It's an incredible capture showing an amazing spring mystery as, in his own words, "a burnet moth caterpillar enshrouds itself in a cocoon in preparation for flight, as the light begins to fade." This is our favourite of the spring so far!

Prepare for lift off © Dominic Greves  burnet moth caterpillar in cocoon by dom greves

As always we'd love to know how spring is unfolding where you are, so add your spring pictures to the Springwatch Flickr group and tell us what's going on in your neck of the woods.

You can see our Flickr favourites from late May here.

Keep an eye out for even more Flickr favourites from Sam, Martin and the rest of the team in the coming weeks.



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