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Wiley Walks from Label

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Mistajam | 12:01 UK time, Friday, 19 September 2008

Wiley at R1 Big Weekend

Wiley's been a member of the RWD forums for a long time and regularly posts on there but it seems in the past few days, he's been airing out his grievances with his now former label Asylum. says:

In another Wiley vs. Label saga, Eskiboy is now speaking up about his deal with Asylum Records, the Atlantic Records-linked label that recently put out his massive single, Wearing My Rolex.

After dealings with XL Recordings (Treading on Thin Ice), Relentless (Roll Deep's In At The Deep End) and Big Dada (Playtime Is Over), it seems Wiley has walked out on another record deal. In a series of threads posted on RWD's very own forum grime's 29 year-old Godfather has dropped a few words about signing to big labels. "The problem is when someone thinks they can mould you into something not understanding one day you will wake up and notice. Asylum didn't deserve me," he shockingly said in a thread titled 'Do Not Sign A Record Deal If U Have Got Money'.

He goes on to reveal full details of his Asylum deal (including finances) and talks about how his management have mishandled his situation. Read his posts on the RWD forum here and here and here and here.

DJ Semtex has commented about it on his blog but honestly, I'm not surprised. Wiley has never got on with labels (look at his track record) however I agree with Sem in that it feels as though his career was about to go to the next level with Asylum and it's that he's walked out on. Rather than "bikes car chain and watch" money, he could have had houses, investments, financially secure money...

I'm hearing the album via Asylum will still see the light of day though (the label have got an investment to make back) - it's just such a shame to see someone with so much talent and potential not seeing the bigger picture and walking out on something that could add longevity and a different dimension to their career.


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