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The Obligatory Glastonbury Post

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Mistajam | 13:15 UK time, Friday, 27 June 2008

The Pyramid Stage

I've never been. Kinda hoped I would go with work this year but instead, I'm gonna be locked into Glastonbury with the best possible view - from my sofa in my front room! No queues to doodoo in a chemical toilet, no mud and no cows - I think I've made the right choice!!

Of course the big talk is all about Jay-Z headlining the Pyramid stage.

Glasto organiser Michael Eavis definitely took a risk not booking a guitar band to headline the stage and it could still bite him back if it hasn't bit him already. Online bookmakers are offering 3/1 odds on Jigga getting booed off stage (lets hope there aren't any free yoghurt pots handed out just before his set like there was at Download) and there's of course the endless stories of Glastonbury not selling out because Jay-Z was headlining and the world famous Noel Gallagher comments that made me lose all respect for him - believe it or not, I was an Oasis fan.

Personally, I think there's a lot of pressure on Jay's shoulders and the world will be watching. Having seen him a couple of times live before and even supported him in Birmingham before, I know he'll come with an amazing show. I just hope the crowd are open minded enough to let him perform for them.

If you're like me (staying at home and will be watching from the sofa), it's all about BBC Three or this site on Saturday night to watch the gig and the big dog himself, Westwood will be backstage at "Glazdunburry" (as he pronounces it) you can hear it on 1Xtra this saturday night from 9pm.

It's not just all about Jay-Z though - you can check the full line up here. Personally, it will be a busy weekend for me because I've counted over 35 artists/bands that I want to see...!


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