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Amy Winehouse vs Kanye West

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Mistajam | 22:53 UK time, Saturday, 28 June 2008

Picture the scene, MissisJam and I sitting on the sofa, watching Glastonbury coverage on BBC 2. Around 10.10pm, Amy Winehouse is doing her warming up for Jay-Z Pyramid Stage set and was singing "Some Unholy War". She sings a line, I look to MissisJam, she looks at me - both of us ask the same thing "Did we just hear Amy sing "At least I'm not opening for a c*** like Kanye?"...

I updated my facebook status, Illsun then confirmed what I thought she said:

Why Amy Why??? It was completely unprovoked and totally unncessary. Between that and her allegedly punching a fan mid-set, Amy demonstrated why drugs (and whatever the purple stuff was that she was drinking through the set) are not cool mmmkay. Next year hopefully Michael Eavis and the Glastonbury organisers will put someone like our Estelle on that slot over Wino.

**UPDATE - Kanye's response** Gwan Yeezy! Glad he remembered the old saying..."Wise men never argue with fools, because people from a distance can't tell who is who"

Check my show on Monday for audio highlights of Jigga's Glastonbury show.


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