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One Big Weekend - Post Match Commentary

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Mistajam | 11:08 UK time, Sunday, 11 May 2008

On the set

I was at our sister station Radio 1's One Big Weekend this weekend and calling it a 'big' weekend is the understatement of the year. Over 50 artists and DJ's; 30,000 people and the hottest days of the year so far made this year's event a huge spectacle and success.

Performance highlights over the weekend for me have to be (in no order):
Madonna (yeah, she's 50 and had more work done than I've had hot meals but her show was tight albeit very light on the classics)
Natty (made the BBC Introducing stage come alive. Definitely will be a star)
Vampire Weekend (although MissisJam dragged me away to buy her a T-Shirt)
Wiley, Skepta, Chipmunk & Kano trading bars together on one stage with DJ Cameo on the ones and twos (hold tight youtube crew, video soon come!) and very surprisingly
Chris Moyles vs Judge Jules in a soundclash style (it wasn't like any soundclash I've ever seen but it was hilarious. Say what you want about Chris Moyles but he does have his moments where he is genuinely funny)

Usher completely phoned in his performance. Danced too much, sang too little and did too many new slow jams. He apparently requested to open the One Big Weekend. It's a shame he didn't do it with the bang we all know he was capable of. Nelly worked the crowd much better and performed the right amount of new material. Unfortunately, most of the other artists took it as a chance to showcase (and promote) their forthcoming material. Festival sets should mean hits with few fillers.

I played the Outdoor stage earlier for the second year running and smashed it so much, when Justice had to fly home to France and miss their DJ slot on the stage later in the evening, I was called in to do it all over again. Shouts to Zane Lowe - his set before my second one was amazing. It's been a while since I've seen a DJ who's made me want to step my game up. Although as a future post and video I am currently uploading to YouTube proves, he can't dance like me...


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