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Coming Soon...

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Mistajam | 15:17 UK time, Friday, 30 May 2008

Trexx and Flipside - Coming Soon

If you're wondering what this is all about: Previously on the blog...

More video after the jump

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The Jam Sessions #1 - Lauren Mason

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Mistajam | 00:12 UK time, Thursday, 29 May 2008

Live from Maida Vale direct into my show last night.


Tropic Thunder

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Mistajam | 12:57 UK time, Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wow. Just wow. Yes, that is Robert Downey Jr and I was actually going to put this post up in April asking why a white actor, currently Iron Man, was playing a black character in a forthcoming hollywood film but something told me to hang fire...

Well, thanks to them lovely boys and girls at ATCN, the trailer explains it all:

Coogan, Stiller, Black, Downey Jr - looks like it's gonna be a huge film!

Rolex Sweep - Best Of

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Mistajam | 11:27 UK time, Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Well, Ministry of Sound have signed it. National newspapers have done pieces on it. The official video is being done within the next 2 weeks and I'm gonna be in it (shouts to Fay) and it seems like the world and it's dog have learned the dance in time for the summer season. Skepta's Rolex Sweep is shaping up to be as big a chart hit as its Eskiboy predecessor and to announce the release date, they've put this together:

You gotta love it! Now, we need to invent a dance for Lethal Bizzle's Keys To The Bentley...

Pimp My UFO

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Mistajam | 11:04 UK time, Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The forthcoming X Files: I Want To Believe movie has just been pimped! Xzibit has been cast in the film as an FBI agent who works alongside Mulder and Skully as they try and catch Aliens and explain the unknown - just like the TV show in the 90's.

I wonder if X to the Z will take the aliens to GAS and get Mad Mike to hook them up with some 150" rims and some TVs in their tentacle rests...

Jam Hot: Week 22

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Mistajam | 11:13 UK time, Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thanks to everyone who got in touch during my 90's Day shenanigans. Had a fantastic time trawling through classics from 10 years ago to bring you my 1998 special. So many great memories in the music and so many great memories shared on the text and the email. If you missed it, check it out using the BBC iPlayer here until 10pm on 2nd June.

Everything is back to normal for the rest of the week and you should know by now that every week on my show, I choose one record that isn't just hot, it's JAM HOT and I play it every day. This week, the honour goes to an electro influenced record that I think will be huge over summer (it's even got it's own myspace!):
JC ft Fake Rapper - Belly

Click here for JC's MySpace

Who is JC?
• JC aka Jordan Crisp is a producer from London
• He got his start at the early age of 11 where he started making drum and bass by using his brother's computer when he was out of the house.
• When JC hit secondary school, he met Flukes and the pair started producing together allowing both to develop their sounds and skills.
• JC's versatile production skills mean he has produced Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, Garage and House and he has produced and remixed the likes of Afrika Bambatta, Jay Z, Beyonce, Akon, Pink, P Diddy, Omarion, Chris Brown and UK veteran emcees Skibadee & Mc Det.
• He hooked up with UKG legend Sticky for the Dirty Pop project but has since stepped out on his own.
• his new record sees he's hooked up with Fake Rapper who house fans will know from vocals on Studio B's "I See Girls"

• Paying homage to an often forgotten part of the female anatomy, "Belly" is due out soon on Relentless Records.

You can hear it every day for the rest of this week on the show!


Mistajam | 12:46 UK time, Friday, 23 May 2008

Jam Hot: Week 21

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Mistajam | 21:26 UK time, Thursday, 22 May 2008

Every week on my show, I choose one record that isn't just hot, it's JAM HOT and I play it every day. This week the honour goes to an emcee that can rock D&B, HipHop, Garage - he's got styles galore!

Dynamite MC's "What"

• Born in Germany, raised in Gloucester; Dominic Smith aka Dynamite MC started his MCing career on pirate radio during the early 90s.
• He met Roni Size in 1994 and began MCing for the Full Cycle crew.
• When the Bristol collective formed live band Reprazent, Dynamite shared vocal duties with singer Onallee.
• Their debut album New Forms won the Mercury Music Prize in 1997. Dynamite's role was greatly enhanced for Reprazent's second album, the strongly hip-hop influenced In The Mode released in 2000.
• Following this, Dynamite went solo and collaborated with a range of artists including The Nextmen, Skitz, Scratch Perverts, Andy C and DJ Zinc, releasing a solo album "The World of Dynamite" in 2004.
• In 2006 a mix CD, 'Big Man Talk' was released on his own Strong Records label
• A third album, 'Styles Galore' is set to follow at some point this year.

"What" is produced by TnT and is the first single he's allowing you to download FOR FREE from 9th June. It shows Dynamite's HipHop style and it's overly big!

Check the video above, his blog here and his myspace here - he came through the show tonight (22nd May) and DESTROYED a large amount of beats. If you missed it, jump on the BBC iPlayer now and listen again...

Indiana Jones & The Angolan Chain Snatcher

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Mistajam | 00:39 UK time, Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Everyone seems to be excited about the forthcoming Indiana Jones film. Personally, I'd be more excited if this was the film:

If this means nothing to you, go here and then come back and LYAO!

Wiley, Skepta, Chipmunk & Kano

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Mistajam | 19:03 UK time, Friday, 16 May 2008

Live on one stage at One Big Weekend during DJ Cameo's set.

Part 2 (the mass freestyle) to come soon. Who murked it the most?

More One Big Weekend Shenanigans

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Mistajam | 17:51 UK time, Thursday, 15 May 2008

Party fun at Maidstone! First Zane Lowe did this during his set:

So with the bar set, I did this during my second set:

Then when we came together...

Thank You Maidstone!

Jam Hot: Week 20

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Mistajam | 12:15 UK time, Monday, 12 May 2008

Every week on my show, I choose one record that isn't just hot, it's JAM HOT and I play it every day. The past few weeks we've had quite hardcore energetic tracks so this week the honour goes to a nice laid back summery R&B track and the very long awaited follow up to 2007's Fallin -
Sadie Ama's "Those Were The Days"

Sadie & Jam

Who is Sadie Ama?
- 20 year old Sadie Ama was born Mersadie Louise Hall comes from a very musical family: her mother Sonia was a jazz singer and her sister is Shola Ama.
- Her first single, the Terror Danjah produced "So Sure" featured Kano and was an underground hit. She followed that with "Let Me Take You Away" and then arguably the biggest record on Flukes' Wifey Riddim: "Fallin"
- "Fallin" was signed by Ministry of Sound, was released in 2007 and introduced Sadie to a wider audience.
- She was tipped for very big things in 2007 - she was nominated for a MOBO and was #4 in the BBC's Sound of 2007: a music industry list of the artists and bands deemed to be the hottest for that year.

Then things went quiet.

It's been a good long while since we've heard anything from Sadie - over a year to be exact. Well, post the success of "Fallin" she's been in the studio with the man who wrote "Fallin" for her along with Denzee's "Sorry Part 2" and other hits for The Honeyz (remember them?) and Kele Le Roc - producer/songwriter/singer Darren Martyn

They've come up with "Those Were The Days" and you have heard it every day on my show this week - in fact, the first place you would have heard the record would have been on my show!

Sadie and Darren passed by the show on thursday and Sadie performed an amazing acoustic version of the song. If you missed it then you can listen back using the BBC iPlayer until 22nd May:
Hear Sadie Ama live and unplugged

Darren tells me that the song is currently getting massive interest from record labels which is a good sign - fingers crossed it will get the support it needs and this will be a more permanent return for the scene for Sadie. Personally, I'm really feeling the laid back summery vibe and breezy vocals. What about you?

Soulja Boy can't dance like us

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Mistajam | 09:28 UK time, Monday, 12 May 2008

Zane Lowe learned to Sweep. We then taught Maidstone!

One Big Weekend - Post Match Commentary

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Mistajam | 11:08 UK time, Sunday, 11 May 2008

On the set

I was at our sister station Radio 1's One Big Weekend this weekend and calling it a 'big' weekend is the understatement of the year. Over 50 artists and DJ's; 30,000 people and the hottest days of the year so far made this year's event a huge spectacle and success.

Performance highlights over the weekend for me have to be (in no order):
Madonna (yeah, she's 50 and had more work done than I've had hot meals but her show was tight albeit very light on the classics)
Natty (made the BBC Introducing stage come alive. Definitely will be a star)
Vampire Weekend (although MissisJam dragged me away to buy her a T-Shirt)
Wiley, Skepta, Chipmunk & Kano trading bars together on one stage with DJ Cameo on the ones and twos (hold tight youtube crew, video soon come!) and very surprisingly
Chris Moyles vs Judge Jules in a soundclash style (it wasn't like any soundclash I've ever seen but it was hilarious. Say what you want about Chris Moyles but he does have his moments where he is genuinely funny)

Usher completely phoned in his performance. Danced too much, sang too little and did too many new slow jams. He apparently requested to open the One Big Weekend. It's a shame he didn't do it with the bang we all know he was capable of. Nelly worked the crowd much better and performed the right amount of new material. Unfortunately, most of the other artists took it as a chance to showcase (and promote) their forthcoming material. Festival sets should mean hits with few fillers.

I played the Outdoor stage earlier for the second year running and smashed it so much, when Justice had to fly home to France and miss their DJ slot on the stage later in the evening, I was called in to do it all over again. Shouts to Zane Lowe - his set before my second one was amazing. It's been a while since I've seen a DJ who's made me want to step my game up. Although as a future post and video I am currently uploading to YouTube proves, he can't dance like me...

Ellen drinks Diddy under the table

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Mistajam | 17:28 UK time, Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Even though Diddy was gone after the second one, I still have respect for him. I'd be gone after a sniff of the first one - I am NOT a Vodka drinker!

Jam Hot: Week 19

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Mistajam | 12:04 UK time, Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Every week on my show, I choose one record that isn't just hot, it's JAM HOT and I play it every day. This week the honour goes to one of the UK's hottest emcees with the swagger and lyrics to back up the hype:
Chipmunk - Muhammad Ali


Who is Chipmunk?
• Carlton Banks aka Chipmunk is an emcee from North London
• He was part of the original Eskibeat Recordings line up brought through by Wiley but has since moved on. He's part of the Alwayz Recording family alongside Vertex, Frisco, Wretch 32 and Double S and has his own crew called Circular Movements.
• Regarded as one of the grime scene's best young talents - he had released 3 mixtapes of his own by the age of 16.
• He's currently studying for his accounting, drama and sociology A Levels while working on his forthcoming debut album which his myspace friends have named "I Am Chipmunk"
• His name is on the lips of many other tastemaking deejays such as Ras Kwame, DJ Cameo, Ace & Vis, Logan Sama and even Westwood where he seems to be a regular fixture on his sunday night 1Xtra show!

What is Muhammad Ali?

• This is apparently the first single to come from Chippy's forthcoming debut album
• It sees Chipmunk compare himself on the mic to the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali in the ring
• It's due to be released at some point over the next couple of months!

Make sure you check my show on Friday 9th May - Chipmunk will be passing through the studio to give us a live performance of Muhammad Ali and I may even coax him into dropping a couple of freestyles.

That £15k Video

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Mistajam | 20:13 UK time, Thursday, 1 May 2008

A couple of weeks ago, 1Xtra News went backstage at the video shoot for Sincere ft Natty's "Once Upon A Time". The video for the very heavy record was completely self funded by Sincere to the tune of £15,000! Here's where the money went:

Sincere ft Natty Once Upon A Time

Curveball - Lykke Li

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Mistajam | 11:50 UK time, Thursday, 1 May 2008

Every week on my show, I play you 15 minutes of curveballs - records that you wouldn't normally hear on 1Xtra but definitely deserve to be on your radar. This week I played a record by Lykke Li. I was watching Jools Holland last week and discovered her:

Crazy and for my money, absolutely amazing right?

So why should you like her? Here are 5 reasons:

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