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Soulja Boy & 50 Cent vs The GZA

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Mistajam | 10:20 UK time, Friday, 25 January 2008

In December, during a stage show, GZA/Genius from WuTang Clan launched into a near on 5 minute rant about the state of HipHop. Various things were said and directed mainly at 50 Cent & Soulja Boy, many of them involving the F word. Of course, the camera phones were out and the video was rushed up onto YouTube. If you would actually like to see the video, click the following bold text but please be aware that **THIS VIDEO CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE**

Now you know 50 Cent was gonna go back at GZA, and he did so on Whoo Kid's radio show just before the new year. No real darts were fired, 50 just did his usual 50 - I've got more money than you, you're old blah blah blah although he was quite funny with it. If you want to hear what went down, click the following bold text but please be aware that **THIS AUDIO CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE** (aka I don't want anyone complaining!)

I didn't expect Soulja Boy to say anything because let's be honest - Soulja boy can rap about as well as my right big toe. Don't get it twisted, I actually do rate him for the Crank That dance phenomenon and the success it's brought him, but the last thing he needs is a lyrical beef with a seasoned veteran rapper. In a very recent interview with the Rhapsody blog, 17 year old DeAndre had this to say:

I wouldn’t even rap against the Genius. I’d put up someone who was born in ’66 to go against the Genius so it can be a tie. He’s got like 50 years on me. I wouldn’t even associate with the Genius. [In the video] he was looking like I stole his money or something. He’s in Alaska. He’s cold. I just heard 50 Cent talking about the Genius saying he had an Impala his age. Well, that’s the Genius for you. [Laughs.] He has no choice. He got famous for five little minutes, but he had to sacrifice a relationship with Soulja Boy. Now it’s gone. I ain’t gonna be like “F the GZA” ‘cause I ain’t never met that dude. But he says, “F Soulja Boy” ‘cause he needed a buzz. Now he’s back in Alaska

Now, I love me some Wu Tang and while GZA has never been my favourite (whuddup Ghost) Liquid Swords was a classic album and there's no denying the Wu's inflluence on HipHop and popular culture but this just feels like a case of a now not so relevant rapper being very bitter about the success current rappers are having. I honestly don't think that Soulja Boy doing the numbers he's doing is doing anything to harm HipHop. When I was little, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice helped get me hooked onto HipHop and surely SB is the same thing for the current generation of 5 year olds?

On the other hand, if you're claiming to represent HipHop, certain people deserve some respect - people that helped pave the way to allow someone like Soulja Boy to be so successful - GZA and the Wu being one of them. We know 50 Cent don't give a flying about anyone but should Soulja Boy have a coke and a smile and shut the yahhh up - especially when he's also claiming to be hotter than Kanye, Lil Wayne and Jigga?

What do you think?


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  1. 1.

    Tell 'em Soulja Boy!!!

    No not reall, I just couldn't resist the rubbish joke.

    I don't think you can come off well in GZA's position. I think he believes what he says and he's probably plenty frustrated at being largely sidelined for the last 12 years. Him saying that stuff plays well to his fans but to people not so zionist in their Hiphop listening, he can't avoid sounding bitter. Damn shame cos he's one of the greatest ever technicaly.

    50 is a moron and you're quite right, he doesn't care. He came into Hiphop with everyone in the business hating him and that's never really changed. The Wu dissed 50 before he ever recorded an album. Soulja Boy is just a kid. Its funny that he assumes he'll be famous for more than 5 minutes.
    Reminds me of that sroty of Bow Wow or someone saying "How many platinum records do you have?" to Ron Isley and getting sonned by "25" or whatever the hell it was.

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